Best places to enjoy a frosty cold beer at Universal Orlando Resort


There is nothing better than enjoying a beer at Universal Orlando Resort. Where are the best places to sit back and sip on a refreshing frosty, cold beer?

Have you ever wondered where are the best places to enjoy a frosty cold beer at Universal Orlando Resort? While the iconic Butterbeer is always a popular choice for Harry Potter fans, it isn’t the chilled lager, robust stout or hoppy IPA that beer lovers crave. Luckily, Universal Orlando has many places where beer lovers can sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious craft beer.

Over the past couple of years, Universal has begun to focus on and increase both its food and beverage options. From holiday treats to new Mardi Gras events, food and beverages are becoming an integral part of the guest experience. While cocktails might be the colorful, more potent option, beer reigns supreme at Universal Orlando Resort.

If you are a beer fan, here are some of the best placed to enjoy a frosty cold beer.

Duff Beer Garden

A Duff Beer for me, A Duff Beer for you, everyone can sing the jingle at the Duff Beer Garden. One of the most popular places at Universal Studios is the Duff Beer garden. Any beer fan is always up for a pint of the iconic Duff beer.

Duff Beer at Universal Orlando Resort, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Brewed by Florida Brewing Company, Duff Beer is an exclusive beer to Universal Orlando. Available in a lager and an amber, both beers are quite enjoyable. Whether you sit at the outside bar and people watch, grab a spot inside at Moe’s or stroll through the Simpsons area, every beer lover needs to have a Duff beer at least once. Duff Beer Man gives it a big Oh YEAH!

Hogsmeade & Diagon Alley

While youngest wizards will need to stick with Butterbeer, the older Harry Potter fans definitely need to stop at Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade or Diagon for one of the specialty Wizarding World beers. At Hog’s Head, there are three beers on tap, Hog’s Head Brew (a red ale), Wizard’s Brew (a stout) and Dragon Scale (a lager). In Diagon Alley, the Wizard’s Brew and Dragon Scale are available.

Beers at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Similar to the Duff beers, these Harry Potter inspired beers are locally brewed specifically for Universal Orlando. If you want to experience what the wizards would drink, the only place you enjoy one is in the Wizarding World.

While all three beers are quite enjoyable, my personal recommendation is the Dragon Scale. On a warm day, it is a delightful quencher. Full bodied but not overly heavy, you might need to sip on a second one before your visit is complete.

Volcano Bay

Did you know that Volcano Bay has its own special beer? Whether you are summing up the courage to ride the water coaster or just want to spend a relaxing day enjoying the sunshine, the Volcano Blossom is a perfect beer for the Universal water park.

Called Volcano Blossom, this beer fits perfectly with the water park’s theme as well as its diverse food menu. The beer is described as a honey beer, specifically made with local orange blossom honey. Additionally, the beer features flavors of starfruit and papaya.

The beer is a great example of the current fruit forward beer trends. Its layered flavors are exciting yet still approachable. It might just be worth braving a potential sunburn to enjoy this tropically inspired beer.

NBC Sports Grill and Brew

Located just across the bridge from Universal Studios, NBC Sports Grill and Brew is a beer lover’s paradise. With more than 100 unique beers on the menu, there is a beer for everyone’s palate. A great break from the parks is grabbing beer and one of the gigantic pretzels (yes the pretzel is that big).

NBC Sports Grill & Brew beers, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

If you are looking to try something unique to NBC Sports Grill and Brew, ask for 862 Orlando. This beer is an exclusive draft that is only available at the restaurant. It is a little hoppy but a definite must try.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen

While dessert fans drool over the outrageous shakes and gigantic sundaes, the beer selection at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen offers a sweet treat, too. Keeping with the chocolate theme, two delightful beers on the menu are Too Chocolate Stout and Young’s Double Chocolate.

The Too Chocolate Stout is a dark beer with a strong chocolate finish. Truthfully, this beer would be a lovely pairing to the May Contain Nuts sundae. As for the Young’s Double Chocolate, this beer is a milk stout. A great dessert pairing is the brookies, cookies and cream sundae. It is a grown up version of cookies and milk.

Jake’s Original Red Lager from Jake’s American Bar

Jake’s American Bar

Universal Orlando Resorts periodically offer creative dinners celebrating beer and food pairings. Did you know that Jake’s American Bar offers a Jake’s Beer Dinner? Coming up on April 12, the hotel’s award winning chefs will create a five course dinner featuring food and beer pairings.

If you can’t make the special beer dinner, stop by Jake’s American Bar anytime to enjoy a Jake’s Original Red Lager. This exclusive beer is definite must try for any beer fan

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Do you have a suggestion for the best places to enjoy a frosty cold beer at Universal Orlando Resort? What’s your favorite beer at Universal Orlando?