How many millions of Butterbeers has Universal Orlando sold?


Butterbeers are everywhere in Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter areas. Can you guess how many millions of these drinks have been sold?

Butterbeers are a must have drink at Universal Orlando. While people can debate frozen or regular, a Butterbeer is always a tempting treat. In the 2010, the first Butterbeer was sold in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Today, the Orlando theme park marked a gigantic number of drinks sold. Can you guess the number?

Universal Orlando announced that it has sold 20 million Butterbeers. Thinking about that number, it is enormous. Personally, I have contributed a few drinks to this outrageous number.

Of course, the big draw to ButterBeer is that the drink is part of the Harry Potter world. When the drink was created, the makers took great care to get every aspect correct. From the taste to the appearance, this drink is more than just movie magic.

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While I have had my fair share of Butterbeer, I consider it a special occasion beverage. On a hot Florida day, the frozen version is quite refreshing. Although, I prefer to share one with a friend.
Although it never gets super cold in Florida, the warm Butterbeer is perfection when watching the holiday nighttime display on Hogwarts Castle. With snow fall added to this year’s display, the warm, cozy drink will be a must have.

Anyone who has stepped into the Wizarding World understands that this theme park creation transforms the regular world into something more. While you don’t have to wear a robe or wave a wand, visitors feel more attached to the characters and stories that they adore. The drinks, and food, are an extension to that connection.

Even though 20 million Butterbeers have been sold, it isn’t the only drink offered in the Wizarding World. Each area has a selection of beers, pumpkin juice and more. Remember, just don’t ask for a soda. Only beverages available in the Harry Potter books are sold in these theme park areas.

After reaching this 20 million Butterbeer milestone, I wonder how long it will take Universal Orlando to hit the 25 million or more mark? With next year’s new Wizarding World themed roller coaster coming to the theme park, even more people will be sipping on this delectable beverage.

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