Ready for a Bayou Boil? Universal Orlando Mardi Gras celebration just got better


A Bayou Boil is a Big Easy staple. Now guests at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras can taste this Southern tradition during the annual event.

Have you had a Bayou Boil? Universal Orlando just announced this special event during this year’s Universal Orlando Mardi Gras celebration. Starting on February 16 and continuing on select weekend nights during the event, guests can enjoy the bounty of New Orleans style crawfish boil.

This newest food experience shows Universal Orlando’s decision to offer more food experiences. While the French Quarter area with its many authentic Mardi Gras food tastings are popular with guests, this experience builds on it. Today’s theme park guest wants to be immersed into the event. Beyond décor and activities, they want to taste those authentic foods.

For this Bayou Boil, the menu consists of “all-you-can-enjoy Louisiana-style boil featuring crawfish, shrimp, potatoes and corn-on-the-cob and, upon request, chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya. After, guests will get an exclusive viewing area for the Mardi Gras parade with king cake, beignets, sparkling wine and assorted non-alcoholic beverages to indulge in.” Universal reports that this food experience will cost “$59.99 per adult plus tax and $39.99 per child plus tax.”

Truthfully, the cost for this particular experience is amazing. Of course, you do have to “work” for those little crawdads, but the taste is worth those messy fingers. And, don’t forget to suck the head. It is one of the best parts of a crawfish.

In addition to this new dining option, Universal Orlando announced a dessert experience. This experience includes selection of specialty desserts and select beverages. In addition, guests will get a prime viewing spot for the Mardi Gras parade and Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration.

Beignets, Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras, photo provided by Universal Orlando

As theme park guests become more savvy in their food choices, these special offerings and events make the guest experience more memorable. Whether it is a special event, like Mardi Gras, or expansive choices at the permanent restaurants and quick service locations, guests are demanding an almost foodie experience.

Looking at Universal Orlando’s vast food options, they do a tremendous job of incorporating their experiences into the food. Whether it is the authentic Butterbeer or a Flamin’ Moe, people want to experience those iconic “fan foods.” Even Halloween Horror Nights joined in the themed food fun.

Going forward, it will be curious to see how Universal continues to expand on their food offerings. While summer brings an influx of tourists, no local theme park offers a summer food festival. Could Universal find a way to bring in more foodies in addition to the out of town guests?

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If you want a taste of a Big Easy favorite and don’t want to head to New Orleans, walk through the turnstiles at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras. The Bayou Boil is definitely an experience that shouldn’t be missed.