Which Butterbeer beverage best appeals to your personality?


A visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter requires sipping at least one Butterbeer, but which Butterbeer beverage best appeals to your personality?

Butterbeer is one of the most iconic foods associated with Harry Potter. That magical drink is forever linked to the Wizarding World. While only a select, lucky few know the real recipe to this delicious beverage, everyone is familiar with it. But, which Butterbeer beverage best appeals to your personality?

When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter originally opened, the creation of Butterbeer was one of the many important details. Since each and every part of the Wizarding World has come from either one of the books or the movies, Universal knew that the fans will be closely analyzing all the details and everything needed to be authentic.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with some of the masterminds behind the Harry Potter experiences at Universal Orlando Resort. Listening to their stories, it is apparent that they understood the importance of getting every detail correct as well as their passion to make the best experience possible.

A visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter isn’t complete without enjoying at least one Butterbeer. Sometimes people try to enjoy all four versions, traditional, frozen, hot and ice cream. To enjoy all three, you do need to visit during the winter months. Hot Butterber is only offered at certain times.


While the chef would never reveal just how Butterbeer is made or the super secret recipe, they did provide some insights on this delicious beverage. One interesting fact is that traditional Butterbeer was intended to look like a real beer. It has the coloring of a lager and even the foam head.

The team revealed that there is a correct and incorrect way to drink a Butterbeer. If you are drinking a traditional Butterbeer, you should have a little foam on your upper lip. Yes, just like a beer or those milk ads, enjoying a traditional Butterbeer will require a napkin.

Still, how can you decide which Butterbeer version best appeals to your personality? Although people might want to try them all, here are a few hints that could help you make the best decision for your personality.


If you love sweet flavors, the frozen Butterbeer is the best choice for you. Out of all four versions, this version is definitely the sweetest.

On a hot Florida day, it is very refreshing. In a way, this version is almost like a dessert. Personally, I’ve opted for this version as my dessert after eating at either the Leaky Cauldron or Three Broomsticks.

Frozen Butterbeer is a popular choice with many people, but you will probably only have just one. Since the sweetness level is more pronounced (thanks to be frozen), it can be difficult to enjoy many beverages. But, no one is stopping you from having multiple drinks.

The traditional Butterbeer is probably the most approachable version for most guests. While it is sweet, it isn’t overly sweet.

Beer fans will be drawn to this drink because it feels like a good beer. From the frothy head to the mouth feel, Universal’s culinary team definitely accomplished its goal.

In a way, this beverage does pair well with the various Wizarding World dishes. From the always tasty fish and chips to even a heartier lamb stew, this drink instantly transports you into Harry’s magical world.

Butterbeer ice cream is an absolute delight. A stop at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour is a tasty stop. While the many flavors of ice cream are delicious, the Butterbeer ice cream is amazing.

This dessert has the flavor of Butterbeer without being too sweet. Plus, the color has a slightly bruleed look. Even if you love the traditional Butterbeer beverage, this ice cream is worth a second treat.

This Butterbeer version is perfect for adults and kids. It is the version for the person who prefers enjoying sweet treats with a spoon. Just don’t spill any ice cream, especially on your school books.

Lastly, the hot Butterbeer is delicious, but it isn’t always available. The seasonable Butterbeer is perfect on a crisp evening.

In a way, this version is amazing when pairing it with one of the Wizarding World desserts. Personally, this beverage with the sticky toffee pudding is the best way to end the day in the Wizarding World.

Truthfully, any and every Butterbeer is delightful for anyone and everyone. It is fun to try all the different varieties as well as the many other tasty Wizarding World foods. There is a little magic mixed into each dish.

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Which Butterbeer beverage do you like best? Do you remember the first time you drank a Butterbeer?