Butterbeer Ice Cream now available at Universal Studios Hollywood


Butterbeer Ice Cream is the perfect way to celebrate summer at Universal Studios Hollywood. No spells are needed to enjoy this summer treat.

Get your spoons ready. Butterbeer Ice Cream is now at Universal Studios Hollywood The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What better way to celebrate summer than with the delicious taste of Butterbeer in ice cream form. Bet you can’t resist this perfect frozen treat.

While the majority of people are familiar with the iconic Harry Potter beverage, Butterbeer is a rather sweet treat. The flavor is similar to butterscotch but not quite as sweet. The ice cream tastes like butterscotch with some shortbread flavor, too.

Butterbeer ice cream at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Hollywood., photo provided by Universal Studios Hollywood

The new ice cream Butterbeer joins the other types of Butterbeer available at Universal Studios Hollywood. The drink version is available in traditional, frozen and hot. Personally, I’ve always preferred the frozen version of Butterbeer. The key to drinking the frozen version is to sip it slowly to avoid a dreaded brain freeze.

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While the majority of people opt for the Butterbear beverages, the Butterbeer Potted Cream shouldn’t be overlooked. Similar to a cream pudding, the Potted Cream is rich yet not overly sweet. It has a luscious texture and is quite easy to savor. While sold on its own, I would recommend buying some shortbread cookies to enjoy with it. The combination of textures makes it an even more gratifying dessert.

Although this ice cream addition is new to Universal Studios Hollywood, the ice cream has been available at Universal Orlando Resort. It is one of the many Harry Potter treats available at both Orlando parks.

Visiting either of the Universal Harry Potter experiences is quite an immersive experience. The food choices are definitely park of the fan experience. From the various beverages to the meals, it gives fans the chance to experience the world that they adore. Every detail has been perfected to be authentic.

For example, in the Orlando parks did you know that you can’t buy a Coke or a SmartWater in the Harry Potter worlds? If the food or drinks weren’t available in Harry’s world, you can’t buy them. It is part of the details that make a visit to these sections of the theme parks so special.

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If you haven’t had a chance to try Butterbeer Ice Cream, don’t miss your opportunity to try this delicious treat. It is hard to stop at just one bowl.