Fiery Sauce is spicing up Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s happy

Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s Launch New Fiery Famous Star & Sauce Products, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s Launch New Fiery Famous Star & Sauce Products, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

Better get those napkins ready because Fiery Sauce has joined the Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s menu. While this new spicy condiment sounds a little intimidating, the bold flavor sauce is the perfect complement to the menu. Are you ready to give your happy a little spice?

Recently, bolder flavors and spicy food has been trending. Whether it is adding certain hot sauce brands to the menu or changing iconic menu items to spicier versions, it seems that traditional flavors have become bland. People want bolder flavors.

The new Fiery Sauce is featured on three menu items, Fiery Famous Star Burger, the plant-based Beyond Fiery Famous Star Burger (available only at Carl’s Jr.) and Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders. For the chicken tenders, it is a dipping sauce.

If you are unsure of your spice tolerance, the chicken tenders and the dipping sauce are the best place to start. Whether you dip a little or a lot, you can test the flavor waters and see if you can go all in with the other menu options.

The Fiery Famous Star Burger is not for the spice adverse. In addition to the Fiery Sauce, the burger features Pepper Jack cheese, jalapenos, sliced onions, tomatoes, and lettuce on a toasted seeded bun. If you crave the slow burn, this burger is a must try.

To celebrate the new menu addition, the brand has launched the Habanero Ranch flavor. IF you visit the website, you will be treated to a bevy of tasty delights await. From the Parlor of Peppery Wisdom to the Hall of Saucelightenment,

Granted the website is a humorous, but many people take their love of spice seriously. Who hasn’t seen people pull a bottle of hot sauce from their purse at a restaurant. Maybe that peppery wisdom holds some truths that more people need to discover.

The new Fiery Sauce is available at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s now. and can be found on the Fiery Famous Star, Double Fiery Famous Star and Beyond Fiery Famous Star. Prices and participation may vary.

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Are you part of the spicy food trend? How hot do you like your condiments?