Could Flat Matthew bring some new dimension to snack time?

3D Doritos, photo provided by Doritos
3D Doritos, photo provided by Doritos /

In the third Flat Matthew teaser for the Doritos 3D Crunch Super Bowl commercial, Matthew McConaughey questions the flat life. Would the world be better with a three dimensional Doritos snack approach?

While no one has caught a glimpse of Flat Matthew, yet, the reactions to his apparent appearance is quite telling. Even the dog seems to have some concern. What do you think his appearance will reveal?

Although there is only a little more time till everyone sees Flat Matthew for themselves, the underlying idea behind this commercial is quite interesting. Have snacks and snack time gone flat?

While many people have a favorite snack or preference, the snack innovations have mostly focused on new flavors. Whether it is a bold spice or a refreshing lime, the newer products have not changed the shape of that favorite snack.

Many snacks are flat. Thinking about most chips, they have an over all flat appearance. It isn’t to say that the flavors are flat. They can be quite bold, but it is a single flat layer.

In some ways, the return of the 3D Doritos Crunch changes snack time with its appearance. By not being flat, it offers a bolder or even more satisfying crunch. There is something different, enjoyable and even craveable about that 3D appearance that just sets it apart.

Thinking about other snacks, there aren’t too many options that have a similar appearance and texture. Sure, Cheetos can be puffy and pretzels can be round, the airy center of these Doritos snacks are different. Maybe that different snacking texture could be that spark to make everything seem a little less flat.

Granted, a snack will not solve the world’s problems, but it could bring a little happy. While people appreciated that they have snack options and do not have to give up their favorite snacks, maybe having snaking variety is that little spark to keep that “flatness” away.

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What do you think that Flat Matthew will reveal in the 3D Doritos Crunch commercial? Will you be serving this snack during the big game?