siggi’s yogurt encourages you to retrain your palate

siggi's yogurt, reset your palate challenge, photo provide by Siggis
siggi's yogurt, reset your palate challenge, photo provide by Siggis /

Do you know how much hidden sugar is in your food? siggi’s yogurt is on a mission to retrain people’s palates. While the first spoonful might be surprising, over time that naturally tart flavor will reveal what yogurt flavor can be after stripping away the other additives. Are you up for the challenge?

If you are unfamiliar, siggi’s yogurt is an Icelandic skyr brand that was founded by Siggi Hilmarsson. The high protein, low sugar yogurt is different from other options on the shelf. From the color to the taste, many people have learned to appreciate that naturally tart flavor. It isn’t about the first bite, it is about going back spoonful after spoonful.

Recently, siggi’s yogurt encouraged some food fans to do a palate retraining experiment. With four bowls of blueberries and a blindfold, the flavor tasting easily showed that sometimes people are tasting additives over a natural ingredient.

For example, in this flavor experiment, the bowls with blueberries and food dye or sugar had a very different taste than just plain blueberries. While the concept is logical and most people realize the situation, going through the process makes it real. More importantly, it makes people question, what really is in my yogurt?

While the tasting experiment is telling, it can be hard to change eating habits overnight. The Palate Training Kit from siggi’s yogurt offers people an opportunity to take a healthy eating journey in a gradual way. As anyone might have learned from the annual resolution quest, nothing happens overnight. Just like you can’t lose 10 pound in a day, it can take a while to retrain your palate from wanting all that sugar.

For those people up for the food and flavor journey, the siggi’s yogurt palate training kit offers a 30 day supply of yogurt as well as other items to help track a person’s experience. The kit retails for $30.

In many ways, this idea is valuable for anyone. While the hope is for people to learn to appreciate the naturally tart flavor of the yogurt and realize the hidden sugars in food, it is more than changing a yogurt habit. In some ways, that palate reset can be a way to be more conscious about the food on the table.

As recent food trends have shown, home cooks are more aware of the food that they eat and where it comes from. When consumers have option, they are starting to lean towards the better food choices. This palate retraining could have an even bigger ripple effect.

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Have you tried siggi’s yogurt? Are you willing to take the palate retraining challenge?