Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 episode 4 recap: Kitchen bliss shattered

HELL'S KITCHEN: Host/Chef Gordon Ramsay in the "Wedding Bells In Hell” episode of HELL'S KITCHEN airing Thursday, Jan. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC.
HELL'S KITCHEN: Host/Chef Gordon Ramsay in the "Wedding Bells In Hell” episode of HELL'S KITCHEN airing Thursday, Jan. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. /

As the wedding bells rang in Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs longed for kitchen bliss on the line. As tensions and egos continue to clash, will either kitchen leave this week’s episode unscathed?

In last week’s Hell’s Kitchen episode, it was clear that the pressures are getting to the chefs. While the Red Team might be having a moment of solidarity, the cattiness is starting to creep into the mix. The Blue Team has turned the kitchen into battle of egos. In some instances, Gordon Ramsay and his commentary feels warm and fuzzy compared to these barbs.

To open Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 episode 4, the chefs learn that they will be making a wedding brunch for a group of guests who are getting married in the restaurant. While a brunch service might sound doable, the reality is far from that simple.

Although both teams seem to be able to serve the avocado toast (and mimosas), the honeymoon was quickly over. From improperly cooked steaks to overcooked eggs, a variety of cooking issues arose.

Vow of till death do us part, not till they starve to death in Hell’s Kitchen.

In the end, the Red Team was able to rally and win the challenge. For their reward, the chefs were able to jet to Caesars in Lake Tahoe. The Red Team enjoyed the time away from Hell’s Kitchen.

Unfortunately, the Blue Team had to tackle a daunting punishment. With 600 cupcakes to be made, these savory chefs were not happy to become bakers. The hours and hours in the kitchen only caused more division between the men. If baking was supposed to bring happiness, this challenge had the opposite effect. Maybe it was the last minute decorating mistake that had them remaking many cupcakes.

Prior to dinner service, the chefs learn that Drew would not be returning to the competition. After some medical issues, he was unable to compete. That scenario lead to a bigger change for the teams.

Chef Ramsay informed Amber that she would become part of the Blue Team. With a less than warm welcome, she was not happy about her swap. Still, she said that she wants to show Chef Ramsay that she can adapt. Given any of the women chefs in the competition, it seems that Amber could put these men in their place.

Is the road to Hell’s Kitchen paved with good intentions?

Going into their third dinner service, the chefs should have found a rhythm. It is more than just learning the recipes and executing them. Working a kitchen line has a choreography. When everyone moves in sync, it is seamless. When someone gets off time, the whole kitchen falls apart.

The Red Team has the first misstep. With Syann unable to execute a flat bread, it seems that dinner service might need a do-over. It is quite interesting that the Red Team chefs are struggling with the flat bread. With all the appetizers on the menu, no one would have guessed that this dish would be the stumbling block.

After multiple chefs come together to make the flatbread, the Red Team picks up steam. Then the fish station and Brittani get tripped up. Luckily, Nikki steps in to help Brittani properly cook a piece of salmon.

Hell's Kitchen Season 19 episode 4
HELL’S KITCHEN: Host/chef Gordon Ramsay (C) with contestants in the “Wedding Bells In Hell” episode of HELL’S KITCHEN airing Thursday, Jan. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. /

Even as Chef Ramsay questions how long Brittani will need support, the outlook doesn’t look good for the Red Team. From salmon mistakes to an undercooked lamb, the Red Team is thrown out of the kitchen. Many diners left hungry, including the VIP Table.

The Blue Team didn’t fare well either. From improperly cooked scallops to undercooked steaks, the cooking errors were many.

While execution faltered, the Blue Team has a bigger issue. The battle of the egos is a looming issue in the kitchen. It is almost a literal David versus Goliath situation between Declan and Marc.

One huge mistake almost sealed Marc’s fate. Speaking over Chef Ramsay as he calls out orders is a definitely don’t. Just like a soldier would not speak over a general, a line cook should not talk over the executive chef in the brigade.

With too many mistakes for Chef Ramsay’s liking, the Blue Team was thrown out of Hell’s Kitchen, too. Both teams had to nominate two chefs for elimination.

The Blue Team nominated Marc and Peter. Marc’s issue is that his voice is too loud. Sometimes it is better to let your food do the talking in Hell’s Kitchen.

Peter admitted that he faltered during dinner service. Still, he felt that he could and would recover.

The Red Team nominated Brittani and Syann for elimination. Syann’s issues on flatbread were clear. Still, she has proved that her palate is good, she can execute, and she is a good team member.

While Brittani has determination, she was drowning on the fish station. Even though she has good intentions and desire, those characteristics aren’t enough to earn the title.

In the end, Chef Ramsay eliminated Brittani. At this point in Hell’s Kitchen, she needed to be further along. Grit and determination could not allow her to go further.

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Do you think that the Blue Team’s egos will hinder their success? Do you think that Marc or Declan will be the voice of the Blue Team?