RX A.M. Oats Packets and RXercise are the perfect morning pair

RX AM Oats, photo provide by RXBAR
RX AM Oats, photo provide by RXBAR /

The classic phrase rise and shine gets a boost with the new RX A.M. Oats Packets Cinnamon Spice. Whether you are fueling that morning workout or getting ready to power through the day, RXBAR is ready to support those healthy eating and wellness lifestyle choices. Are you ready to put your best foot forward?

Many people have RXBAR as part of the routine. Personally, there is always an RXBAR in my purse, gym bag or even in the console in the car (don’t judge). Whether it is that quick bite while driving the kids to school or that mid-afternoon hunger, that flavorful combination of simple ingredients always satisfies.

While the RXBAR might be that grab and go option, the RX A.M. Oats have been that warm, comforting spoonful that are perfect start to the day. Just like mom used to say that oatmeal sticks to your ribs, these oats are totally satisfying.

To kick off the new year, RXBAR has put the RX A.M. Oats in packets. The Cinnamon Spice flavor is now available in stackable packets. From taking up less space in the pantry to being more packaging conscious, many people are appreciating the new packets.

Since a new year often comes with new lifestyle commitments, RXBAR is helping people to keep those changes. With the RXercise Expansion, the RXercise is more than just getting that heart pumping. It now includes all areas of wellness.

With the help of RXBAR ambassadors fitness and mindfulness guru Ally Love, Registered Dietitian Mia Zerlengo and gym owner/fitness instructor Peter Kraus, this year could be the best yet. Combining exercise, recipes and mindfulness, this program looks to show how everything is inter-related. It is like having a life coach at your fingertips.

As many people have come to appreciate, a balanced lifestyle can be a fulfilled lifestyle. When food, exercise and mindfulness come together, people can accomplish anything.

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How do you start your day? What balanced lifestyle tips would you like to share?