Heart happy shapes and free Cheerios make for a fun filled February

Cheerios brings back heart shaped cereal, photo provided by Cheerios
Cheerios brings back heart shaped cereal, photo provided by Cheerios /

While many people start their day with Cheerios, free Cheerios and heart happy shapes make National Heart Month even sweeter. This year, those little heart shapes are taking over several flavors. Joining Honey Nut Cheerios and original, are Blueberry, Chocolate and Cinnamon. Plus, a free box could be yours, too.

As more and more people look to find healthy eating options that fit their lifestyle choices, Cheerios is often top on the list. While the popular cereal brand is often a childhood favorite, that classic cereal isn’t just for kids. That cereal bowl can keep your heart happy throughout your life.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), nearly 1 in 3 American adults have high cholesterol.” Over the years, people have found that a balanced lifestyle can help make positive changes. From fiber rich food to being active, people are finding ways to incorporate food they love while focusing on smart nutritional choices.

While many people might have a special food connection to Cheerios, the heart shaped versions are more than just a special promotion. According to Kathy Dixon, Senior Brand Experience Manager, Cheerios, “When we launched the happy-heart shaped O’s last year, it helped to educate millions of our fans about the importance of not only following a heart-healthy diet, but also about the benefits of eating Cheerios. Cheerios is on a mission to not only put a smile on people’s faces but to inspire them to find new and fun ways to support their hearts.”

In addition to adding the heart shapes to multiple flavors, the brand is looking to give consumers a free Cheerios. Available while supplies last, the Honey Nut Cheerios free box giveaway is available via a rebate. For more information on this promotion, please visit the brand’s website.

The limited edition heart shaped Cheerios will be available on store shelves now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.

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What choices are you making that are good for your heart? What motivates balanced lifestyle choices in your house?