Emily Hampshire is ready to cut out with Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits SB AD with Emily Hampshire, photo credit Ted Belton
Cutwater Spirits SB AD with Emily Hampshire, photo credit Ted Belton /

Cutwater Spirits believes that there are many reasons to cut out. From the brand’s first Super Bowl commercial to its collaboration with Emily Hampshire, it is time to cut out and enjoy life. Are you ready to take that great tasting cocktail on your next great adventure?

Canned cocktails have taken over the cooler. Instead of just another beer or soda, the canned cocktail option keeps the cocktail shaker behind the bar yet offers those classic cocktail flavors in a more convenient packaging. There doesn’t need to be a compromise in the next great adventure.

As Cutwater Spirits’ Co-Founder and Master Distiller, Yuseff Cherney said, “Cutwater Spirits started as a passion project. We began canning cocktails so that people could enjoy a high-quality mixed drink with ease and convenience. From there, the idea took off.”

Where will you cut out with Cutwater Spirits?

Since this canned cocktail brand is about cutting out to the next great adventure, its big game commercial could inspire people to ditch the obligations and enjoy the moment. Check out the brand’s “Cut Out” campaign.

While the brand shows some great escapes, the cutting out idea can be scaled to any occasion. As seen with the brand’s partnership with Emily Hampshire, (aka Stevie Budd on Schitt’s Creek), it is about embracing those moments to step away and cut out.

In the past year, bedrooms have become board rooms and kitchen tables have become workspaces. Being able to step away from work and embrace that moment to yourself might seem simple, but many people find it difficult to take that first step.

For Hampshire, she wants to bring some enthusiasm to cutting out, self-care and the willingness to not judge your choices. Whether it is ditching the selfie to stopping the doomscrolling, stepping away can be invigorating.

Hampshire said, “As a long-time cut out enthusiast, I’m here to educate and inspire. Cutting out is not self-care. It’s caring enough about yourself to not feel guilty about all the sel-fcare exercise and meditating you’re not doing. Cutting out is self-care without all those hashtag goals.”

Those ideas have lost. Instead of judgments, criticism and regrets, people need to let go. Hampshire said, “Cutting out is living in the moment, like watching other people hike while cracking open a canned White Russian that tastes like dessert. You’re welcome.”

Whether it is drinking dessert first, throwing caution to the wind or just putting that phone in the freezer for an hour, cutting out can be the way to revitalize your daily life. Sometimes a little break is the ultimate pick me up.

Luckily, Cutwater Spirits is embracing that idea by giving away many prizes with the Ultimate Backyard Sweepstakes. Maybe a special prize can serve as a reminder to take those little breaks.

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In the meantime, why not grab a can of Cutwater Spirits, watch the big game and think about your next great adventure. From your backyard to that ultimate escape, the world is waiting for you to explore it.