Make a love match with Baskin-Robbins Valentine’s Day treats

Baskin Robbins Valentine's Day, photo provided by Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins Valentine's Day, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

Baskin-Robbins has created the sweetest Valentine’s Day treats. If ice cream is your love language, these sweet treats will make your special someone swoon. Are you ready to make a love match?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day shouldn’t come with a lot of pressure. A box of chocolate is often a traditional choice, but does that mean other Valentine’s Day treats are off the table? What about combining those chocolates with some ice cream.

The new Baskin-Robbins Box of Chocolates Cake looks just like that heart-shaped box of chocolates. More importantly, that ice cream cake is customizable with your favorite ice cream flavor. Whether you want chocolate, strawberry or coffee, the options are many.

Baskin-Robbins brings the candies, cake and chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Since the ice cream cake looks like that iconic box of chocolates, it must have some chocolates, too. The ice cream cake is topped with real milk chocolate candies.

Shannon Blakely, Vice President of Marketing & Culinary, Baskin-Robbins, said “we couldn’t resist putting a new spin on a Valentine’s Day classic with our Box of Chocolates ice cream cake – we think many guests will do a double take this year!”

The Baskin-Robbins Box of Chocolate Cake is available in two sizes. It can be ordered online, via the app or at your local store.

While that Box of Chocolates Cake has captured many people’s attention, it isn’t the only way to cast a love spell with Valentine’s Day treats. The Love Potion #31 is back.

Love Potion #31 combines “raspberry-filled chocolate-flavored hearts and chocolate-flavored chips, swirled with a raspberry ribbon in a white chocolate and raspberry ice cream.” As the February Flavor of the Month, the captivating ice cream flavor can be enjoyed in many ways. Including having it in the Box of Chocolates Cake.

Baskin-Robbins has many Valentine’s Day treats. From returning favorites like the Valentine’s Day Unicorn Cake or Valentine’s Day Heart Cone Cake, ice cream could be the perfect way to say I love you this year.

Most Baskin-Robbins shops are open around the country. Check with your local store for operations. In addition, some locations may offer Uber Eats and DoorDash delivery.

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Is ice cream your love language? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?