Is Fuzzduster your Elysian Brewing beer match for Valentine’s Day?

Fuzzduster, photo provided by Elysian brewing
Fuzzduster, photo provided by Elysian brewing /

Elysian Brewing has your perfect Valentine’s Day beer match. Fuzzduster brings together two popular beers, Space Dust IPA and Superfuzz Pale Ale. While it might not be a beer cocktail, it is a flavor combination that is out of this world. Ready to pop open some beer?

Many people have a favorite beer. It could be a simple lager, or it could be a bold stout. While that favorite beer always has a spot on the shelf, sometimes a little twist can make the beer drinker find a new appreciation for a classic.

Beer cocktails have been on the rise. Often these beverages take a little beer and mix in some other flavors. From a beer-mosa to even a michelada, those cocktails tend to be a little fruit forward. It is more than fruit in beer, but it is more than just a pint of beer.

The Fuzzduster from Elysian Brewing is different. It is a simple combination of the brand’s two popular beers. While it does take a keen hand to pour both beers simultaneously into the glass, one sip will make you glad that you did.

The combination of the two beers is somewhat perplexing but quite invigorating. The Superfuzz Pale Ale has a blood orange flavor blended with orange peel. The Space Dust IPA starts as sweet and has that hoppy bitterness on the finish. In one sip, all the flavors blend to make a sip that hits all the right flavor notes.

Since the Fuzzduster does combine two beers into one beverage, it can be nice to share the drink with a special Valentine. Although, you do not have to share the same pint glass, but you can.

Lastly, thinking about this beer combination, it would make a lovely pairing with a big juicy steak or a simple roasted chicken. Although the roasted chicken isn’t a guarantee for an engagement, you will be happy with your food and beverage pairing.

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What are you sipping for Valentine’s Day? Could the Fuzzduster be in your glass?