Best chip flavors must be on the tastiest game day spread

Cape Cod’s new Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, photo provided by Cape Cod
Cape Cod’s new Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, photo provided by Cape Cod /

Can you guess the best chip flavors for the tastiest game day spread? While chips are a game day food essential, the plethora of chip flavors can lead to a chip debate. While you could pick one of every flavor, that choice could lead to chip gluttony. Which best chip flavors should you put on the table?

Recently, Instacart shared its findings about the best chip flavors. According to the company, those best chip flavors are: “1. Vinegar potato chips, 2. BBQ potato chips, 3. Dill pickle potato chips, 4. Cool Ranch tortilla chips, and 5. Nacho Cheese tortilla chips.”

While the findings show the favorite chip flavors, it doesn’t suggest the best chip brands. Although everyone has a preference, a few ideas are important when picking the best chip.

For example, if you are picking a chip to pair with a dip, that chip needs to be dip worthy. A crunchy kettle chip, like the ones from Cape Cod chips, would be perfect. Luckily, Cape Cod Chips has several chip flavors that fit into the top flavors.

From the Cape Cod salt and vinegar potato chips to the wavy BBQ potato chips, there is a chip choice for every craving. Given that the big game is a special occasion, it is ok to grab a few extra bags. Isn’t it time that to keep those negative phrases off the table?

As for dill pickle chips, Lay’s has some of the best dill pickle chips. Although many people enjoy this chip flavor by the handful, these chips are delicious on top of a slider or even a chicken sandwich. If you haven’t put chips on a sandwich you need to try it.

Thinking about tortilla chips, there is really only one brand that everyone has come to love. Doritos is usually the cool ranch tortilla chip that everyone grabs. Even as the brand has enhanced its ranch flavors, people cannot get enough of those tasty chips.

The same can be said for nacho cheese. That classic Doritos flavor is always a favorite. Even as people transform those chips into other recipes, there is always a bag sitting in the pantry.

Since many people are looking to bring a new food to the game day spread, consider grabbing some bags of the Doritos 3D Crunch. After many people petitioned for this snack’s return, it is back on store shelves. Whether you enjoy the ranch or spicy nacho cheese flavor, the 3D snack keeps flat snacking away.

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Do you agree with these best chip flavors? What snacks will be on your game day food spread?