Can the best pizza start with a fresh-baked bagel?

Einstein Bros Bagels Pizza Day, photo provided by Einstein Bros Bagels
Einstein Bros Bagels Pizza Day, photo provided by Einstein Bros Bagels /

When was the last time you had a pizza bagel? With National Pizza Day around the corner, Einstein Bros Bagels is ready to celebrate by asking everyone to re-think the traditional pizza crust. While people can debate thin, deep dish or even Detroit style pizzas, another ingredient is being thrown into the mix. Are you hungry for the pizza bagel?

National Pizza Day is an excuse to have pizza morning, noon and night. Since pizza is such a classic food, it can be the perfect choice to try something new or adapt a favorite food in a new way. It is just want Einstein Bros Bagels is doing with the pizza.

Chad Thompson, Head of Culinary Innovation at Einstein Bros. Bagels, said “Einstein Bros. Bagels believes there is no better pizza crust than a fresh-baked bagel.” That sentiment is part of the reason why the company is celebrating National Pizza Day.

Will you get this pizza bagel deal on National Pizza Day?

To celebrate the food holiday, Einstein Bros Bagel is offering Pizza Bagel Box. From February 9 through February 14, the Family Pizza Bagel Box is just $5. That savings is 50% when purchased through the mobile app.

The box includes four classic cheese and four pepperoni pizza bagels. If you have a bigger family (or a bunch of hungry kids), you might want to get an extra order. And, if there are any pizza bagels left over, you can eat the leftovers for breakfast.

With National Pizza Day around the corner, many people will be thinking about pizza and favorite pizza toppings. While the toppings often get the most discussion, it might be time to think about the crust. When that pizza craving hits, those extra bagels from the morning could be the next lunch or dinner.

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Are you excited to enjoy some pizza bagels from Einstein Bros Bagels on National Pizza Day? How will you be celebrating the food holiday?