This tasty spice cake recipe has a surprising savory ingredient

Campbell’s Tomato Soup Spice Cake recipe, photo provided by Campbell's Soup
Campbell’s Tomato Soup Spice Cake recipe, photo provided by Campbell's Soup /

From experienced bakers to novices in the kitchen, this tasty spice cake recipe could become the favorite dessert that everyone craves. While new recipes twists can go in and out of fashion, this retro recipe is back en vogue. Are you ready to get baking?

Since baking is part science, there are certain ingredients that can boost the flavor or highlight the textures of a cake. While many people know the secret of pairing chocolate and coffee, getting the right crumb and level of moistness in a spice cake is not always that simple.

If you look back at some older recipes, maybe even your grandma’s recipe, this savory ingredient might have been her baking hack. Although the idea sounds unlikely, this spice cake recipe will make everyone ask for it time and again. And, the secret ingredient will have them doing a double take.

Can this savory ingredient save your spice cake recipe?

Recently, many bakers have discovered this retro Campbell’s Tomato Soup Spice Cake Recipe. Originally appearing in the 1949 New York Times, the recipe was featured on the Campbell’s soup label.

Over the years, Campbells Kitchen has created various versions of the iconic recipe. The most recent recipe update is Tomato Soup Cupcakes. The reddish hue might be from that infamous soup, but the flavor is all spice cake. One bite and you might fall in love.

Whether you serve these cupcakes for romantic dinner or just because, many people will rave over the moist, tender crumb. With a little vanilla cream cheese frosting, it will be a dessert for the ages. Since this baking hack has been around for 70 years, it is a classic for a reason.

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What is your favorite baking hack? Do you have a surprising savory ingredient that you love to use in baking?