Coming 2 America is bringing some Sexual Chocolate to Valentine’s Day

Coming 2 America -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Coming 2 America -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

As many people eagerly await the Coming 2 America premiere from Amazon Studios, Valentine’s Day is getting a boost from special sweet treat. Prime Video will be offering a limited run of “Sexual Chocolate.” These special, limited edition chocolates could have you break into a rendition of “The Greatest Love of All.”

For fans of the original Coming to America movie, many lines have become part of pop culture narrative. Even after so many years, a few comments still have meaning today. While the Golden Arcs will always have a special place in food lovers’ hearts, the scene during the pageant for Black Awareness week is often quoted. While the preacher exhausts the wonders and joys that God has created, the house pays rapt attention and then sits in awe of the performance.

When Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate take the stage, the joyful noises that God has created are stunned by that moving performance. Although there was no American Idol when this movie premiered, that performance might not have earned the band a golden ticket. Luckily, everyone was so previously moved that they still had joy in their hearts as the song kept on going.

This year for Valentine’s Day, Coming 2 America is trying to make everything a little sweeter with a chocolate giveaway. This special chocolate might not be the royal truffle  or chocolate dusted in gold leaf. But, it will make for an exquisite conversation piece for Valentine’s Day. Will you say Amen to these Sexual Chocolate?

The Sexual Chocolate Fooji Twitter sweepstakes will run from February 13 and February 14 from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m. EST or until all prizes are claimed. Twitter entries must include #Coming2America and #giveaway. More details will be shared on social media.

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Are you ready to feel good this Valentine’s Day? Let Coming 2 America and Sexual Chocolate bring a little extra joy to the celebration.