Outshine Simply Indulgent bars expand with non-fruit flavors

Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars, photo provided by Outshine
Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars, photo provided by Outshine /

Feel good snacking is the idea behind the new Outshine Simply Indulgent bars. While many people enjoy the Outshine frozen fruit bars, this new frozen treat offering brings a creamy, luscious bite. Even though the flavor and the texture feel indulgent, that pesky, negative connotation is removed from the conversation. Ready to unwrap a bar?

Outshine just announced its new line, Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars. The dairy-based frozen treats are an extension to its frozen fruit bars. The four new flavors are Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate and Coffee. The Chocolate and Coffee are the first non-fruit flavors for the brand.

Joanna Komvopoulos, Outshine Brand Manager, said ““The Outshine brand strives to help our consumers shine brighter from the inside out with our refreshingly real frozen fruit bars. Our new collection of Simply Indulgent bars are a good source of protein made with the goodness of real milk, providing the indulgence of a dairy-based frozen snack with the simple ingredients and delicious taste expected from Outshine.”

Outshine Simply Indulgent bars are a flavor game changer.

While the two fruit flavors, Strawberry and Mango, seem like a logical extension from the brand, the Chocolate and Coffee flavors could bring in a new audience. As more consumers look for treats and snacks that fit into their lifestyle choices, these frozen bars could be an alternative to the high sugar alternative.

New Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars
Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars, photo provided by Outshine /

Komvopoulos said, “We are excited to expand our fruit-based portfolio with the release of two brand-new flavors, Chocolate and Coffee, for those looking for even more indulgent, yet better-for-you options without compromise.”

Looking at the Coffee flavor, the frozen treat contains 20mg of caffeine in every bar. While this amount is about ¼ the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee, these bars could be that afternoon boost or even a new brunch option. Just think about serving a Coffee Simply Indulgent Bar with a stack of waffles, a creative brunch cocktail or a myriad of other food inspirations.

The Outshine expansion is a smart move for the brand. Today’s consumer is looking to stay connected to brand that they know and trust. Sometimes a simple frozen fruit bar may not be the perfect pairing for a meal. The variety ensures that a box of Outshine is always in the freezer.

The Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars will be available in a 6-count, single flavor box. Retailers nationwide will have these flavors by April 2021. While prices may vary, the suggested retail price is $4.69.

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Are you ready to satisfy a craving? Outshine Simply Indulgent Bars are here with a creamy, delicious bite.