Wine and potato chips could become your new favorite wine pairing

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A favorite wine pairing doesn’t always have to be a stuffy affair. Enjoying wine and potato chips could be the ultimate food and beverage pairing that will make your next movie night, late night snacking or just because food craving even more satisfying. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures need to be celebrated.

During a recent virtual ALDI event, ALDI partner Sarah Tracey suggested three creative food and wine pairing ideas that might not be the most common choices. For example, she suggested pairing the robust Cabernet Sauvignon with some cheesecake bites.

The combination of the bold Napa cab with the luscious cheesecake made for a lovely contrast in flavors. While that dessert course pairing might be a tasty way to end the evening, one food and beverage pairing quickly sparked much interest.

Can you pair wine and potato chips?

For some people, potato chips are often served with an iced cold beer. The combination of the salty snack and the refreshing beer just makes sense. One bite leads to another sip and the pattern continues until the bag is empty and the beer is finished.

Sometimes, a beer isn’t what you’re craving. When that perfectly chilled bottle of wine is ready to be opened, you don’t necessarily have to pull out another cheese plate. If you are craving some chips, why not pour yourself a glass and enjoy the snacking pleasure.

During the event, Tracey paired the Intermingle Red Blend with the Clancy’s Jalapeno Kettle chips. While it might not have been the first wine pairing inclination, it is one that might become a favorite wine pairing. The combination of the spicy flavors from the jalapeno chips and the jammy, fruity flavors from the wine made a lovely yin and yang combination.

In some ways, it is like the combination of peanut butter and jelly. It isn’t necessarily two opposites, but it is two slightly opposing flavors. Just like salty and sweet go together, the Jalapeno Kettle chips and the fruity red blend are that combination.

Thinking about this food and wine pairing, it could become that date night must have. If your special someone always grabs that beer with his chips, this food and wine pairing could having him sharing the bottle with you. Being willing to step outside of the food comfort zone can be a thrilling experience.

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What interesting food and wine pairing do you enjoy? Is it time to break some of those typical wine pairing rules?