Presidents’ favorite desserts: Sweet treats to enjoy on Presidents Day

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On Presidents Day, why not enjoy some of the Presidents’ favorite desserts. From George Washington to Joe Biden, many presidents have a particular love of dessert. Even though a few dessert preferences might be surprising, a tasty treat always has room on the table.

Celebrated on the third Monday of February, Presidents Day is one of the permanent holidays established by Congress. While many people associate the holiday with a day off or some store sales, it can be a time to celebrate the many men to have served the United States.

Since everyone has a favorite food or dessert, it makes sense that the Presidents’ favorite desserts are quite varied. From some sweet connections to their wives to pop culture connections, maybe dessert is one item that makes a person relatable. Most people will never sit behind the Roosevelt desk, but they might have a similar love of dessert.

What are a few of the Presidents’ favorite desserts?

Bake Magazine shared a historical listing of the Presidents’ favorite desserts. The list is long and varied. Although some options might be a little dated, a few choices seem to have a little sentimental connection.

George Washington’s love of Martha Washington’s Great Cake is well known. Considered a rich cake, a version of this original recipe is available from Mount Vernon. More like a dense fruit cake, this cake recipe is quite time consuming. Still, the historical connection could make it an interesting recipe to try.

Other Presidents have professed their love of their wives’ desserts. George H.W. Bush preferred Barbara Bush’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. The more crispy than fluffy cookies were a recipe shared from a friend.

Her famous recipe uses oats and Valrhona chocolate chips. While the recipe has been published, these cookies are served at the Houstonian Hotel.

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Overall, President’s favorite desserts offer a little glimpse into the man who leads and makes him a little more real and relatable. On President’s Day, it could be an entertaining discussion to see which desserts would be in your top ranking. Just like politics, everyone is entitled to an opinion.