Surprise your palate with wines that are new to you on National Drink Wine Day

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images) /

National Drink Wine Day is on February 18, 2021. This is the day that you should NOT drink the same ole’ wine! Celebrate this special day with a wine that is brand new to you.

If you normally drink Sauvingon Blanc, treat yourself to Sancerre, a French wine from the eastern part of the Loire valley on National Drink Wine Day. Crisp and refreshing, Sancerre is made from 100% Sauvingnon grapes. This lovely wine is medium-bodied with minerality along with citrusy, white flower and herbaceous flavors. Pair Sancerre with fresh trout, shrimp or chicken and it is especially tasty served with goat cheese.

You most likely are familiar with White Zinfandel and chances are you hate it. But, have you tasted a really good red Zinfandel lately? It’s almost time for grilling season and Zinfandel pairs perfectly with grilled steaks. It is also delicious served with lamb, pizza and pasta. Red Zinfandel can be light and medium-bodied or bold and rich. The light and medium-bodied are fruit forward with flavors of raspberry and cherry. The bold and rich Zinfandel have black fruit flavors of blackberry, blueberry and plum. Just for fun, buy a bottle of each of the styles and compare them side by side.

Looking for a crisp, light wine with a little effervescence? Vinho Verde is the perfect choice for your palate. A Portuguese wine that is an excellent value (some very pleasant Vinho Verde can be found for $10 a bottle). The name literally translates to “Green Wine”, but the wine certainly is not green, it is a blend of white grapes. This wine has a lot of natural acidity which lends itself to pairing with seafood particularly with seafood in a cream sauce.

National Prosecco Day photos, photo by Becky Ellis
National Prosecco Day photos, photo by Becky Ellis /

If you’d like to try a brand new wine, try rosé prosecco. In May, 2020 it was officially permitted to produced under the name rosé prosecco by the Prosecco Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) Consortium. So for THE FIRST TIME EVER we are finding this lovely pink prosecco on our wine merchants shelves.  Mionetto offers a lovely  rosé prosecco in the affordable $15 price range. Flavors of red berries and grapefruit with lots of fun bubbles dancing in the glass. Now that’s something to celebrate!

As the weather gets warmer you will want to serve wines that are light and refreshing. Albariño wines are crisp and fresh and very sippable. One sip will transport you to the Iberian Peninsula where many of these fabulous white wines are made. Flavors of nectarine, lime, and grapefruit with a hint of salinity on the finish.

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Looking for more wine recommendations to tempt your palate? Visit your local wine merchant. They are a wonderful resource for those of us who are looking for new adventures in wine tasting.

What “new to you” wine will you open on National Drink Wine Day?