Tickled pink, delicious rosé wines for National Rosé Day and any day

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These delicious rosé wines are perfect for National Rosé Day and every day.

Looking for some delicious rosé wines to enjoy? From National Rosé Day to rosé all day, the pink hued wine is more varied than its vibrant color in the wine glass. No matter your mood, flavor preference or price point, there are delicious rosé wines that will satisfy with every sip.

Over the past couple of years, rosé wines have found more shelf space. Although this type of wine is quite old, believed to date back to 600 BC, it has seen a resurgence in the past couple of years. Whether it is the pink color or the versatility that the flavor offers, that phrase rosé all day is has taken over.

With all the options, the choices can be overwhelming. Although a sommelier will gladly explain the hows, whats and whys certain rosé wines are different from others, the majority of people want to happily sip that pretty pink wine and let the cares of the day disappear into the bottle of the wine glass.

Even though everyone has their favorite rosé wine, FoodSided has put together our favorites. From a glass of bubbles to a fruit forward option to a price friendly choice, there is always at least two bottles of delicious rosé wines in the wine fridge.

Delicious rosé wines, Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes Rose Lot 720: 2018 Haut Alpes Rosé , photo provided by Cameron Hughes /

Here are some of our favorite delicious rosé wines.

Cameron Hughes Rosé

Many people know that Cameron Hughes has a way to source the best wines. These flavorful, amazing wines are available at reasonable prices. While the wine is bottled under the Cameron Hughes name, these wines are superior.

For rosé season, Cameron Huges is offering two different lots, two different rosés show how the wine can be quite varied. The Lot 719: 2018 Méditerranée Rosé is a French variety that is made from Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. Several fruit flavors blend together. From strawberry to hints of watermelon candy, this wine is quite drinkable.

The Lot 720: 2018 Haut Aples Rosé is different from other wines. From a higher elevation, the pale color is still full of flavor. With notes of ripe cherry, this wine is bolder than others and offers a lovely long finish.

Both of these Cameron Hughes wines retail for just $13.

Hampton Water

Considered a highly rated rosé, this wine is more than its celebrity connection. This French wine is delightful on its own or paired with a light meal. It can go from casual brunch or a leisurely afternoon by the pool. Based on its versatility, Hampton Water is always a good choice.


14 Hands Unicorn Canned Rosé Bubbles

A unicorn is a magical creature and the 14 Hands Unicorn Canned Rosé Bubbles are an enchanting sip. This limited edition wine brings the celebration anywhere. From the pool to the beach, a chilled can of these Rosé bubbles are absolutely delightful. If you can find a can of these magical bubbles enjoy it before it disappears.

Martini & Rossi Frose

Who doesn’t love a good frose? On a warm summer day, there is nothing better than slowly sipping the perfect frozen beverage.

The new Martini & Rossi Frose comes in a convenient pouch. Simply freeze for a couple of hours and serve. Whether you drink it straight from the pouch or pour into a glass, you will want to have a few on hand for the next summer gathering.

Martini & Rossi Frosecco, frose
Martini & Rossi Frosé, photo provided by Martini & Rossi /

Big Cork Vineyards Saignee Rosé

Big Cork Vineyards, considered Maryland’s most-awarded winery, this new wine, the Saignee Rosé, is a must try. One look at this wine and the color shows that bolder flavor. Since it is a Saignee, the color and flavor is from the longer contact with the skins and seeds. While a bottle is priced at $26, one sip will make you crave another.

These delicious rosé wines are just a very small sampling of the wines that are available. On National Rosé Day or any day, try a glass of rosé to see all the flavors in the various hues. It is definitely a reason to celebrate Rosé all day.

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