Dunkin Sweet Cold Foam has coffee fans buzzing

New Dunkin Spring offerings, photo provided by Dunkin
New Dunkin Spring offerings, photo provided by Dunkin /

Move over Extra Charged coffee, there’s another buzz worth coffee at Dunkin. The Dunkin Sweet Cold Foam is coming to stores and there is another reason to make that coffee run. While cold brew coffee continues to captivate people’s attention, cold foam can change the drinking experience. What can coffee drinkers expect from Sweet Cold Foam?

As many coffee drinkers have come to appreciate that cold brew coffee has a smoother taste. With the slower brewing process, the less bitter flavors often mean that the true coffee flavor is enhanced. Any additional flavors highlight, not hide, the coffee notes.

Jill Nelson, Vice President, Marketing & Culinary at Dunkin’ said, “Cold Brew has long been a staple of our lineup of premium coffee choices for on-the-go guests. We’re excited to now give guests a unique, elevated new flavor and texture experience for their favorite brew with the introduction of Sweet Cold Foam.”

With the new Sweet Cold Foam, the foam gradually blends into the cold brew. Each sip has a touch of sweetness which makes it quite enjoyable. Instead of adding extra sugar, the foam brings just that hint of sweet.

While some people will be excited to see the new Charli Cold Foam from Charli D’ Amelio, the Chocolate Stout Flavored Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam is a game changer. The coffee has a rich stout feel while still being coffee. The malty molasses flavors with the chocolate makes it a pure delight. Even the extra dusting of hot chocolate powder adds to the excitement.

The new Dunkin offerings will available starting on February 24 and will be gone by March 23. To celebrate the new Dunkin menu, medium cold brew drinks will be just $3.

In some ways, the new coffee offerings show that Dunkin is putting its beverage program at the forefront of the conversation. While donuts are always tasty, the beverages seem to be the segment that drives flavor innovation.

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Are you excited about the new Dunkin beverages? Will it change your running to Dunkin routine?