Celebrate National Margarita Day with to-go cocktails

February 22 happens to be one of the best days of the year because it’s National Margarita Day! Even though the national food day falls on a Monday this year, who says you can’t celebrate with a margarita? Frozen or on the rocks, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

While we may not be ready to sit in a restaurant yet, we can still get margaritas to go, and honestly, to-go cocktails might be the most genius idea to come out of 2020.

If you’re a marg fan, we don’t have to remind you, but for those who aren’t familiar, traditional margaritas usually include tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice and are served with salt on the rim.

There really is nothing better than sipping a marg in the comfort of your own home (and in sweatpants of course because who is wearing jeans?)

Here are local restaurants with the most delicious margaritas so you can celebrate National Margarita Day with to-go drinks.

K. Pacho | New Hyde Park, NY 

K. Pacho has a “Killer” Margarita made with tequila, fresh lime and orange juice. They also have a mango, strawberry and white peach flavors available. Worried about not having the right tequila? Don’t sweat it! K. Pacho has over 20 types of tequilas to satisfy your taste.

Rosepepper | Nashville, TN

Fans have voted Rosepepper margaritas as the “BEST MARGARITA” in Nashville for 11 years and counting. With the freezing temperatures hitting the midwest, tequila is the answer to keep them warm!

Coyo Taco | Multiple Locations

Coyo Taco sells margaritas by the GALLON at $39.99. Now that may be a little too many margaritas for one person so you can cut back to the half-gallon at $24.99. Margarita jugs are available for delivery through the Coyo Taco website and takeout at all Coyo Taco locations.

Los Sombreros | Scottsdale, AZ

Drive-thru margaritas are available at Los Sombreros. My, what a time to be alive! Los Sombreros is popular for their ‘Steve-A-Rita,’ which is their margarita made with Patron Silver tequila, Patron Citronage, Grand Marnier and hand-squeezed lime. The best part, they have Margarita Mondays where margaritas are only $4! Good thing National Margarita Day is on a Monday this year.

Big Star | Wrigleyville, IL

Big Star offers two options for margaritas to go. First, it’s their To Go Cocktail Kit including two ready-to-drink, pre-mixed Margarita servings and is available for pick-up only from Big Star. Second, is the Margarita Kit including one bottle of blue agave tequila, a quart of house margarita mix & a recipe card. Each kit will serve 12 cocktails with a little tequila leftover for maybe some at-home shots?

Whether you’re ordering to go or crafting at home, enjoy National Margarita Day and don’t forget the most important garnishes, lime and salt.


What are your favorite restaurants for to-go cocktails? Do you think that to-go cocktails should stay?