Margaritaville Resort Orlando the perfect spot to raise a toast to margaritas

Black Magic Margarita, photo provided by Margaritaville Resort Orlando
Black Magic Margarita, photo provided by Margaritaville Resort Orlando /

At Margaritaville Resort Orlando, every day could be National Margarita Day. From that quick getaway to a leisurely escape, many guests might have found that lost shaker or salt as the daily grind is slowly whisked away. What flavorful margaritas are being shaken up during your next getaway?

Periodically, the talented Margaritaville Resort Orlando mixologists create special cocktails for various celebrations. From food holidays to pop culture events to even traditional celebrations, there is always a new cocktail joining those classic margarita options. Given the choices, being able to stroll back to the room makes it easy to say, yes, I will have another.

As the tempting margaritas make you feel like it is always 5 o’clock somewhere, the wide array of margaritas can make it difficult to choose just one. Although a classic margarita is always a tasty choice, the margaritas of the day showcase how creative that classic cocktail can be. Just like a great vacation can be filled with new experiences, an innovative margarita could be the most memorable one.

What is the perfect sip at Margaritaville Resort Orlando?

For some special occasions, like on the recent National Margarita Day celebration, a margarita flight is available. From a spicy margarita to a tropical flavors, the options are many.

Recently, the mixologists at Margaritaville Resort Orlando even created a gummy bear margarita. With flavors of watermelon, cranberry juice and a little grenadine, the colorful margarita has a touch of whimsy. Even the garnish of gummy bears is perfect.

If you prefer a margarita with a little more classic taste, the Parrot Head is a great choice. The secret to this cocktail is the splash of Sprite. If you haven’t added that ingredient to your margarita recipe, it is definitely worth a try.

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A visit to Margaritaville Resort Orlando will not have you wasting away, but you will want to book a return trip. Don’t worry, they will have your cocktail glass ready and waiting for you.