Tasting History by Max Miller will be transformed into a cookbook

Max Miller of Tasting History, photo provided by Max Miller
Max Miller of Tasting History, photo provided by Max Miller /

Max Miller has built the hugely popular YouTube channel, Tasting History. Now, those culinary history lessons will be transcribed into a highly anticipated cookbook. To be published by Tiller Press, the upcoming cookbook could be as exciting to read as the recipes are to cook.

If you haven’t watched Tasting History, Miller introduces viewers to some historic dishes that might not be featured on your favorite restaurant’s menu. From Medieval Times to Ancient Greece, those dishes have elements that people might see on the plate today. Granted, a few techniques and ingredients are unusual, but the history of food deserves to be devoured.

Since its inception a year ago, Tasting History accumulated 23M+ views and over 570K+ subscribers. Although foodies are often looking for the next big food trend, a step back in history could be the ultimate food adventure.

Anja Schmidt, Executive Editor, Tiller Press, said, “Max’s voice has exploded with his ‘Tasting History’ show and we are thrilled to translate that voice to the written page, complete with his recreated recipes and the history behind each one.”

Although all the details regarding this upcoming cookbook have not been revealed, the historical explanation aspect could make this cookbook quite entertaining. While many cooks turn to an internet search to find a recipe, the explanation behind the recipe can make the dish more enjoyable.

Since food is the universal language, the food on the plate doesn’t live in a bubble. The hows and whys those historical dishes have become part of the new food trends is vital to a better understanding of food zeitgeist.

Tasting History by Max Miller the cookbook is expected to publish in 2022. The YouTube Channel has various episodes that can tempt foodies leading up to the launch.

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Do you think that food history influences current food trends? Would you be willing to tackle some of these historical recipes?