Brian Baumgartner reveals how he will never spill chili again

Brian Baumgartner, national chili day promotion, photo provided by Bush Beans
Brian Baumgartner, national chili day promotion, photo provided by Bush Beans /

While Brian Baumgartner might be forever associated with his Kevin Malone character from The Office, he will also be remembered for that infamous spilled chili pot incident. Whether it is National Chili Day or just a funny moment in pop culture history, that spilled chili pot seems to represent more than just a cook’s delicious food being lost to an errant fumble.

Luckily, Baumgartner and Bush’s Beans have found the perfect solution for National Chili Day, the No Spilly Chili Pot.

Many people remember that infamous The Office episode,”Casual Friday” (S5, Ep 26). While you can watch the whole episode on Peacock, here is a clip if you do not remember the infamous chili spilling incident.

Is it finally the year to stop the chili spill?

Previously, Brian Baumgartner has partnered with Bush’s Beans. On the brand’s website, there is Brian’s Famous Chili Recipe. While this chili recipe is different from the Kevin’s Chili Recipe from The Office, both chili recipes are quite tasty.

For this year’s National Chili Day, Baumgartner and Bush’s Beans are focusing on a bigger issue that has plagued chili fans for years, the potential spilled chili. Are you ready for the No Spilly Chili Pot?

Looking at the video, it is an impressive No Spilly Chili Pot. Granted you might need a large kitchen to use that chili pot, but it won’t spill. It would be curious to know if the NASA team from the Mars Rover Perseverance or someone from the Big Bang Theory helped with that chili pot design.

What does Brian Baumgartner love about chili?

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Baumgartner about this new No Spill Chili Pot and some of his chili preferences. On that chilly winter day, a bowl of warm, comforting chili seemed to be the perfect food.

Although Baumgartner has had a successful career, he admitted that he never dreamed that one chili scene “would become such a part of the cultural zeitgeist” and would be part of his legacy. Still, his partnership with Bush’s Beans finds ways to make that one moment entertaining year after year.

Given that they have found the perfect recipe and solved the spilled chili issue, it begs the question, what is next on their list. Personally, I vote for shirt that prevents chili spills. Or, maybe that idea is just an issue in my house.

While chili is such a tasty treat that shouldn’t be spilled, it brings up an interesting discussion why chili is such a comfort food. For Baumgartner, the enjoyment of the chili is more than the food in the bowl served at the table. While he believes that chili is a great comfort food, more importantly it “warms the house.” Since it takes time to make chili, he said that it “transforms the house” with all the “delicious smells.”

Like many people, Baumgartner appreciates that chili is not just a one-day meal. Whether it tastes better the second day or the extra servings that he freezes to enjoy another time, that one pot of chili definitely goes a long way.

Although everyone has their secret recipe, he has found a few ingredients that he prefers. Baumgartner mentioned that sometimes likes to use smoked brisket pieces in his chili. Maybe SMU connection that makes the brisket idea so appealing. At the same time, he mentioned that he has used ground turkey, too.

When it comes to his flavor chili flavor experimentation, he focuses on the spice levels. While he admitted that he “isn’t a super spice guy,” he does like a little “bit of bite” to give it some “texture of flavor.”

Since chili often comes with some personal food preferences, I asked Baumgartner his picks when it comes to some highly debated chili topics.

Brian Baumgartner shares his chili preferences.

  • Beans: Two types of beans, pinto and kidney
  • Cheese vs Sour Cream: Cheese
  • Onions vs Jalapenos: Onions
  • Oyster Crackers vs Corn Bread: This question came with a longer answer. While he might prefer to scoop chili with a particular cracker, he doesn’t want a bread product in the chili itself.

While all those chili preferences are important, the biggest item to remember for National Chili Day and every time that chili is served is “don’t spill the chili,” either from the pot or on your shirt. This year, let us all resolve to stop the spillage and save the chili.

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What is your favorite chili recipe? Do you have a funny chili story to share?