March is now ‘Member Month’ at Tim Hortons so here’s how you can get free coffee

Tim Hortons Loyalty Program, photo provided by Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Loyalty Program, photo provided by Tim Hortons /

Tim Hortons is celebrating its loyalty members with the launch of its brand-new Member Month. Beginning March 3, 2021 and continuing throughout the entire month, registered Tims Rewards members in the U.S. can earn double points for every eligible transaction when they order on Tim Hortons app, online, or scan a registered Tims Rewards card.

First of all, who is Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons is basically the Dunkin‘ of Canada. It’s the home of Canada’s favorite coffee. Instead of munchkins, they have “Timbits,” which are little drops of heaven. They also have literally the best Iced Capps in the world. It’s the most perfect ratio of milk to coffee that no other coffee chain has nailed.

Not only are they known for affordable coffee, but they also have quite the breakfast menu offering handcrafted sandwiches, grilled paninis, grilled wraps, fresh bakery options and even a menu dedicated to 300 calories or less.

Now we’re hooked and want unlimited Iced Capps and Timbits.

During Member Month (March), rather than earning 10 points, registered members will earn 20 points per eligible transaction during their visit(s).

With double the points, members will earn rewards faster. With potential reward redemptions that could include a free coffee every four visits, a free donut every three visits, and more!

Tim Hortons hopes to giveaway an additional 10 million points, or an equivalent of an additional 125,000 free coffees during Member Month.

Become a Tims Rewards member to be eligible for free coffee.

To participate in Member Month and earn double points, you must be a Tims Rewards member. Not a member? Visit and register.

  1. Download the Tim Hortons app
  2. Create an account using your email address
  3. Link your account to a card
  4. Choose your reward level to spend or bank your points

Order in the app or scan your registered Tims Rewards card when you make a purchase to start racking up those points!

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Tim Hortons U.S., please start making an Iced Capp topped with sprinkled Timbits and we’ll be the first to taste test it for you!