Keebler makes Make-A-Wish moments one cookie at a time

(Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)
(Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion) /

While families might smile and laugh while enjoying Keebler cookies, the Elfin’ magic from the Hollow Tree can be even more special for Make-A-Wish families. For children and their families who struggle with illness, a little magic can be the spark to find the hope and strength to push forward.

During difficult times, moments of hope can be the light that keeps people moving forward. While many people have made a wish on a star or dreamt of a special moment while blowing out birthday candles, those lofty dreams pale in comparison to the mental boost that the Make-A-Wish foundation offers. As families struggle to find that light to guide the hope, these dreams coming true can give a boost during the darkest days.

Since 2020, Keebler has contributed $750,000 to the organization. With the one cookie at a time approach, the wishes granted from that cookie jar can fill a lifetime of memories for many deserving children and families.

Can you change a child’s life in the same amount of time that it takes to eat two Keebler cookies?

Did you know that it takes approximately two minutes to eat two cookies? While it seems that some hungry children could probably scarf down a sleeve of cookies in that time, the reality is that two minutes is the average time. It then begs the question, can you make a difference in two minutes?

Keebler just launched a “Dunkumentary.” In this two minute video, a sweet story bout Jessa, a Make-A-Wish recipient who became queen of Queen City.

“Giving back moments of joy and magic is central to what Keebler stands for as a brand and we loved bringing Jessa’s story to life,” said Ryan Nolan, Brand Manager, Keebler. “We are honored to partner with Make-A-Wish to support the work that they do helping children, like Jessa, by spreading a little magic to families in need.”

Check out this video.

Jessa’s story expresses the difference that granting a wish can make to a child. While not everyone can have a magic wand and make the biggest fantasies come true, they can contribute to the cause. Keebler has opened the doors to the Hollow Tree and invites everyone to learn about many special children who have had their wishes come true.

While the old song recalls the idea of wishing on a star and making dreams come true, Keebler and Make-A-Wish are turning those words into reality.

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Has Make-A-Wish brought joy to someone that you know? How can you help someone find a little joy in their lives?