Tastykake hops into spring with fruity sweet treats

TastyKake Spring treats, photo provided by Tastykake
TastyKake Spring treats, photo provided by Tastykake /

Move over Easter candy because the Tastykake spring treats are here to fill that Easter basket. Many of these sweet treats will have everyone hopping to the store to get a taste before they disappear. Which sweet treat will you enjoy first?

Periodically, Tastykake offers limited edition treats that bring smiles around the table. With everyone ready to ditch the cold and coats and embrace springtime, these Tastykake spring treats could make you forget jelly beans this year.

This year, the Hippity Hop Kandy Kakes are perfect for Easter Baskets. The dark chocolate coated treats have a coconut filling. The seasonal treat could have all ages ready to do the bunny hop.

For a more traditional Tastykake option, the iconic Snowballs taken on a purple hue with the Easter Snowballs. While the coconut marshmallow coating is just like everyone loves, the pretty purple color celebrates Spring. Just think of the dessert plates with these pastel colored treats.

While desserts are often a reason to enjoy another Tastykake spring treat, breakfast gets a springtime flavor upgrade. The lemon Mini Donuts are a must enjoy. The lemon-flavored cake donuts with the powdered sugar are sweet yet have that bright lemon flavor.

Although the Lemon Mini Donuts are a must enjoy, the Peach Cobbler mini donuts capture all the flavors of the popular dessert without all the baking. The cobbler crumble adds some texture to the juicy peach flavor.

Think about these Peach Cobbler mini donuts, they could be a tasty topping to some peaches. It could be an easy way to get the kids to eat more fruit at breakfast. Who wouldn’t want more fruit if it was sprinkled with donuts?

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These Tastykake Spring treats join option like Lemon Juniors, Strawberries and Crème Glazed Pies and other treats. The seasonal treats will be available for a limited time.

What is your favorite Tastykake spring treat?