Subway adds a Reese’s Pieces Cookie and you will want one

Subway adds a Reese’s Pieces Cookie, photo provided by Subway
Subway adds a Reese’s Pieces Cookie, photo provided by Subway /

While the iconic Subway Footlong might be lunch, the new Reese’s Pieces Cookie is the must have sweet ending to the meal. The newest seasonal cookie to come to the Subway menu, this cookie is different than other cookie offerings. Ready to take a bite?

For many people, a cookie is the sweet way that they cap off a meal. It might be a memory of childhood lunches where mom always packed a cookie with that sandwich. No matter the reason, many people like a sweet treat or dessert.

At Subway, many people have loved the cookies on the menu. The seasonal cookie program started in 2018. Previous seasonal cookies have included S’mores, Raspberry Cheesecake and Caramel Brownie cookies. If you didn’t get a bite of those Caramel Brownie cookies, it was the flavor mash-up that many people wished to buy a dozen cookies to go.

The newest seasonal cookie on the Subway menu is the Reese’s Pieces Cookie. Available starting on March 2, the cookies will be offered while supplies last at participating restaurants.

Why should you try the Subway Reese’s Pieces Cookie?

According to Subway, the new seasonal cookie is a soft, chewy cookie. The soft texture should provide a nice contrast to the Reese’s Pieces. Based on the photos, it looks like every cookie bite will have Reese’s Pieces. That aspect makes the cookie the ultimate indulgence.

While many people will not necessarily need an excuse to head to Subway to order a Footlong and a cookie, Subway is offering a special deal. For its email subscribers, they will receive a free coupon for a “free cookie with any Footlong sub purchase from March 4-11, 2021.”

Since the Reese’s Pieces Cookie is a seasonal offering, it is best to get bite before it disappears. Although Subway serves over 1.6 million cookies a day, this new cookie is available while supplies last.

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