Could Tournament of Champions II finally bring Bryan Voltaggio a title?

TOP CHEF -- "Michael’s Santa Monica" Episode 1711 -- Pictured: Bryan Voltaggio -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)
TOP CHEF -- "Michael’s Santa Monica" Episode 1711 -- Pictured: Bryan Voltaggio -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo) /

As excitement builds for Tournament of Champions II, food TV fans are filling out their brackets and making their best guesses. After several Top Chef competitions, Bryan Voltaggio never earned that elusive title. Always coming up just short in the finale, Voltaggio has joined the Guy Fieri lead Tournament of Champions II. Could this food TV competition finally be Voltaggio’s moment?

Ahead of the Food Network’s Tournament of Champions II premiere, the battle of the celebrity chefs has many people wondering if it will be culinary creativity or a little luck that will earn one chef the winner’s belt. Although many of the chefs are familiar faces in the food TV culinary competitions, each chef wants to win. Even though many of these chefs have winner attached to their biography, no one wants to lose.

While this Food Network show might seem like a Top Chef reunion, one chef seems to always come up just short of the winner title. Bryan Voltaggio is a highly acclaimed chef, but he can’t seem to garner the big win. Sure, he has impressed in Top Chef challenges and is a successful restaurateur, but ends up just steps away from the title.

As a member of the East Team, Voltaggio’s first battle is against Christian Petroni. The Next Food Network Star winner has become a popular chef on Food Network. While Petroni is a big personality in the kitchen, it could be a tall order to beat Voltaggio.

Whether the randomizer helps or hinders the chefs, it is more than just winning a single round. Granted, no chef should take a battle for granted, remember Alex Guarnaschelli’s early exit. Still, many people will be wondering if Voltaggio will get to the end and not win again. In some ways, Voltaggio might be the Susan Lucci of culinary competitions.

Could this Tournament of Champions II finally be Bryan Voltaggio’s moment? Be sure to watch Food Network on Sunday nights for new episode or catch up on Discovery Plus.

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Who are you predicting as the potential winner of Tournament of Champions II? What chefs should have been part of the culinary competition?