New Starbucks spring flavors bring sweetness to the coffee cup

Starbucks Springtime coffee, photo provided by Starbucks
Starbucks Springtime coffee, photo provided by Starbucks /

While people are excited about the new shaken iced espressos, Starbucks spring flavors are coming to the coffee brand’s at-home line. Available at grocery stores for a limited time, these two new offerings look to refresh the coffee routine with a burst of sweet, refreshing flavors.

Recently, more consumers have become an at-home barista. Whether it is a simple cup of coffee in the morning or a more elaborate beverage to savor, a great coffee isn’t limited to a restaurant.

Like the flowers blooming in the garden, the Starbucks spring flavors are bursting with sweet, smooth tastes. The two new flavors are Starbucks Honey & Madagascar Vanilla Flavored Coffee and Starbucks Spring Day Blend. Whether enjoyed on their own or incorporated into a barista style beverage, it is best to enjoy a sip before summer comes.

The Starbucks Honey & Madagascar Vanilla Flavored Coffee offers an enticing aroma. While a touch sweet, this coffee seems to balance the sweetness of the honey with the richness of the vanilla. The nuanced flavors might even have you skipping the sugar and cream in your coffee cup.

The Starbucks Spring Day Blend could encourage you to take a walk through the flowers. A balanced coffee, it blends both an African and Latin American coffee to highlight flavors of cocoa and dried fruit. Whether served at Easter brunch or every morning, it could re-energize the day.

Be your own barista with Starbucks spring flavors.

To celebrate the Starbucks springtime flavors, a few delicious coffee recipes have been created. While you do not have to wear a green apron to make these coffee beverages at home, these coffee drinks will make you feel like a barista. At the same time, the coffee drinks are easy to create.

For coffee drinkers who long for that trip abroad, the Spanish Coffee with Honey is a not to the traditional café con miel. Using the Starbucks Honey & Madagascar Vanilla Flavored Coffee with additional honey and milk, the beverage is warm and satisfying. On a rainy spring day, this beverage would be a delightful choice.

The Italian Coffee Granita is perfect for that first warm day of spring. With just four ingredients, it is a great choice when the weather heats up.

For Easter Brunch, consider the Honey Lavender Iced Coffee. While there needs to be care with the lavender flowers, this coffee would be perfect with an or some tasty waffles.

Just like the blooms of spring flowers, the Starbucks spring flavors will only be here for a limited time. Enjoy a sip these coffee flavors disappear.

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Do you change your coffee routine based on the seasons? Have your coffee habits changed recently?