Neon Zebra shakes up the cocktail mixer category one can at a time

Neon Zebra, canned cocktail mixer photo provided by PepsiCo
Neon Zebra, canned cocktail mixer photo provided by PepsiCo /

A great cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated, and Neon Zebra is shining a new light on the cocktail mixer category. Balancing convenience and customization, quenching that thirst for a tasty cocktail is as simple as popping open a can.

While canned cocktails have become popular, sometimes people prefer to use their favorite liquor or customize the cocktail in their own way. Still, cocktail mixers often come in big bottles, which can lead to waste. Just because you are craving a margarita doesn’t mean that you want to drink 5 margaritas in a single setting.

Created by PepsiCo, Neon Zebra is a simple solution to the cocktail mixer scenario. These convenient canned cocktails mixers mean that you can shake up your favorite cocktail almost anywhere. More importantly, the size is easy to satisfy that cocktail craving without extra waste.

One of the recent beverage trends shows that many people are enjoying shaking up cocktails at home While taking a turn behind the bar is fun, it does not need to be complicated. Just like a great cocktail, the whole experience needs to be fun and refreshing.

How is Neon Zebra standing out among other cocktail mixers?

According to Emily Silver, VP of Innovation & Capabilities, PepsiCo Beverages North America. “Neon Zebra adds a new level of personality in the cocktail mixer category with its bold flavors and colors and easy-to-use, recyclable mini-can format.”

These cocktail mixers use simple cocktail math, 1 can plus 3 oz of liquor per cocktail. Now, this ratio really makes two cocktails since one can is 7.5 oz but the ratios are the classics.

Neon Zebra comes in four flavors, Margarita Mix, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito Mix and Whiskey Sour mix. While each cocktail mix has a suggested liquor pairing, each beverage can be customized to personal preferences. For example, if you prefer mezcal in your margarita go for it.

In addition, these mixes can be used in a refreshing mocktail. A simple swap of a sparkling water or other beverage is an option. Or, do half liquor and half sparking water to to have a lower alcohol content drink.

While these cocktail mixers make mixology easy, it does lend itself to cocktail creativity. With the basics parts of the cocktail at your fingertips, consider adding a few other flavors, like fresh herbs for a garnish. Sometimes standing out in a crowd is easier than you think.

Looking at the four flavors, the strawberry daiquiri mixer offers numerous possibilities for a little creativity. For example, consider adding some muddled mint in the bottle of the glass for a touch of brightness to the strawberry flavors.

The Neon Zebra cocktail mixers are sold in six packs with a suggested retail price ranging from $6.99-$7.99.

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Bring a great cocktail out from behind the bar. Neon Zebra is shaking up the cocktail mixer category and it is ready to stand out in a crowd.