Gabby Douglas and Smoothie King partner on Stretch and Flex Smoothies

Gabby Douglas for Smoothie King, photo provided by Smoothie King
Gabby Douglas for Smoothie King, photo provided by Smoothie King /

While people appreciate the importance of being active, Gabby Douglas and Smoothie King are encouraging everyone to limber up while they sip on a tasty smoothie. The new Stretch and Flex Smoothies have been crafted to “support joint health and flexibility.” While you might not be ready for the double layout with a half turn, your body will be ready to move and tackle your next great adventure.

Rebecca Miller, Chief Marketing Officer of Smoothie King said, “We knew our guests were looking for a smoothie blended specifically for people who love yoga, dance, gymnastics and any activity requiring flexibility.” These new Stretch and Flex smoothies were created with that concept in mind. As people appreciate how certain ingredients can fit into a complete healthy eating lifestyle, consumers are looking for food that offers multi-functional benefits in just a single sip.

Available in either Tart Cherry or Pineapple Kale, the smoothies have a Joint Health Enhancer with Collagen. While that enhancement doesn’t change the smoothie flavor, it can benefit that desire to get up and get moving.

What does Gabby Douglas love the Smoothie King Stretch & Flex smoothies?

As an Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Douglas knows about the importance of movement, flexibility and good nutrition. With this new smoothie offering, she appreciates the commitment that Smoothie King is offering to encouraging people to keep moving while providing food that fits within their healthy eating lifestyle.

Douglas said, “I’m always looking for better ways to take care of my body on and off the mat, and I’ve been a big fan of Smoothie King for a while now. I’m so excited to work with Smoothie King this year to inspire others to be and feel their best, they are truly a partner that aligns with my commitment to excellence and quality.”

To celebrate the launch of the new smoothies, Smooth King is offering Healthy Reward members a free 12 oz Stretch and Flex smoothie now through March 11, 2021.

In addition to the collagen, the smoothie has “vitamin C, protein, fiber, vitamin D” while having “no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.” The flavors of tart cherries or pineapple are blended with “kale, bananas, coconut water, dates, and Sunwarrior organic plant-based protein.” It is a tasty way to get a big boost of healthy eating.

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The Smoothie King Stretch and Flex smoothie is available now at participating locations.

Do you use food to support your healthy lifestyle? Is it easier to make healthy eating choices?