Krispy Kreme delivers a lucky dozen with the Luck O’ the Doughnuts Collection

Krispy Kreme Luck O' the Doughnuts Collection photo provided by Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Luck O' the Doughnuts Collection photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

Whether you are a wee bit Irish or just love Krispy Kreme, the Luck O’ the Doughnuts Collection is the perfect treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The new doughnut collection has four tasty flavors that will have you doing a jig in celebration.

The four new doughnuts in the Luck O’ the Doughnuts Collection include the Gold Coin Doughnut, Lucky Sprinkles Doughnut, Lucky Unicorn Doughnut and Leprechaun Plaid Doughnut. The new doughnuts are available starting on March 11 through St. Patrick’s Day at participating locations.

Picking the tastiest of the Luck O’ the Doughnut is like picking one lucky charm over another. If you prefer a filled doughnut, the Lucky Leprechaun Doughnut is a tasty choice. Filled with Cookies and Kreme, that sweet flavor could have your inner Leprechaun over the moon. With a Leprechaun Hat sugar piece on top of the green icing and plaid icing stripes, the doughnut might trick you into eating two because it is so enticing.

For a more traditional doughnut, both the Lucky Coin Doughnut and the Lucky Sprinkles Doughnut transform the Original Glazed with St. Patrick’s Day flare. From lucky gold coins to a shamrock sprinkle blend, these doughnuts are almost as colorful as the rainbow leading to the pot of gold.

Lastly, the Lucky Unicorn Doughnut will become everyone’s new favorite doughnut picture. With a little wink, the Kreme filled doughnut is decorated to look like a magical unicorn. Since not all unicorns are the same, each hand decorated unicorn has its own special magic.

Does St. Patrick’s Day bring free Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

Krispy Kreme St. Patrick's Day doughnuts
Krispy Kreme St. Patrick’s Day, green doughnuts photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

On St. Patrick’s Day many people will be feeling extra lucky. On March 16 and March 17, anyone wearing green will receive a free O’riginal Glazed doughnut. While you do not have to pinch yourself about this offer, the sweet treat is definitely Leprechaun approved.

But, there is a little mischief in that O’riginal Glazed doughnut. It seems that the Leprechauns played with the batter because those doughnuts are green. While the flavor is just like the Original Glazed doughnut that people crave, it will be green for the holiday.

Whether you are searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, feeling a wee bit Irish or just love holiday themed Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the Luck O’ the Doughnuts Collection must be enjoyed before St. Patrick’s Day. It could be the sweetest way to say top o’ the morning for the holiday.

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What has been your favorite holiday doughnuts at Krispy Kreme? Do you make a special trip to enjoy these limited-edition doughnuts?