Celebrate Pi Day with the best pies delivery by Goldbelly

Goldbelly Pi Day offerings, photo provided by Goldbelly
Goldbelly Pi Day offerings, photo provided by Goldbelly /

Celebrating Pi Day doesn’t have to come with a complicated math equation. Thanks to Goldbelly, the best pies from across America can be delivered directly to your door. The only math related issue is how to slice the pie so that everyone gets an equal piece.

In the past year, Goldbelly has been foodies link to their favorite restaurants and chefs. From a taste of New Orleans from Commander’s Palace to the Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos, the food options from the popular delivery service are almost overwhelming. While many people long to sit at the table at their favorite restaurant, Goldbelly has made it easy to satisfy those food cravings.

Since some people might be over the baking trends from the past year, creating a pie from scratch for Pi Day might not be the first choice. Luckily, there are many of the best pies available to order.

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for the best pie from Goldbelly to celebrate Pi Day.


While not just a pie, Zac Young’s PieCaken is the ultimate pie fantasy. If you haven’t had this pie, cake, glorious dessert, it is a must try. Having ordered this deliciousness before, everyone swoon from the first slice to the last morsel.

PassCake for Pi Day
PassCaken, photo provided by Zac Young /

New for Passover, Zac Young has created the PassCaken. Combining flavors from traditional Passover desserts, this tasty treat is a must order, even if you are not Jewish. That flourless chocolate cake might re-appear in your dessert dreams.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Signature Salted Caramel Apple Pie

The apple pie is probably one of the most traditional pies. When an apple pie is done well, it is a flavor experience like the fireworks on Fourth of July. The Four & Twenty Blackbird’s Signature Apple Pie has a hint of saltiness from the Maldon sea salt. When contrasted with the buttery caramel, this flavor will make you skip the ice cream topping.

Michele’s Pies

While many home bakers long for that blue ribbon for their pies, Michele’s Pies have won 27 National Pie Championship awards. Even if that accomplishment isn’t a record, these pies deserve special recognition on Pi Day. From the perfectly hand crimpled crust to the combination of flavors, these pies will make you re-think grandma’s classic recipe.

Levee High Caramel Pecan Apple Pie

When Oprah declares a pie one of her favorite things, everyone takes notice. This gigantic pie from the Blue Owl seems almost too big to eat in one sitting. Featuring 18 Golden Delicious Apples, it almost makes you forget the other ingredients. Make sure to have a big plate on hand to ensure this super tall pie has plenty of room.

Skip the sweet for savory pies

A great pie isn’t limited to just dessert. Panbury’s Double Crust Hand Pies mean that you can have pie for breakfast and not feel guilty. From the Southern Breakfast pies to the Steak and Stout, it could mean that you could have a whole pie meal.

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How are you celebrating Pi Day? Has Goldbelly become your favorite food provided in the past year?