Stephanie DeVoll talks wedding cakes and Spring Baking Championship

Stephanie DeVoll, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network
Stephanie DeVoll, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network /

Fans of Spring Baking Championship have seen Stephanie DeVoll shine in the first few episodes. While the final outcome remains to be seen, the California based baker blended her restaurant experience and wedding cake expertise to take on this Food Network challenge.

While there have been seven seasons of Spring Baking Championships, this season has pushed the challenges with adventurous flavors and creative themes. Although the spring flavors always have to impress the judges, the reality is that this Food Network baking show is evolving and the bakers have to step up to the challenge.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Stephanie DeVoll about her experience on Spring Baking Championship, her thoughts on wedding cakes and what the future holds for her.

While fans have seen a difference in this Spring Baking Championship season, Stephanie had some thoughts of her own. She said, “I feel like every season gets harder and harder which makes each season special in its own way. With the recent pandemic shooting the show was a bit different and definitely a little more challenging then other seasons. But I definitely feel that on this season you get to see a lot of different ethnic backgrounds which makes for some delicious and fun desserts.”

Although Food Network fans have not seen her wedding cakes, Stephanie has dealt with many couples preparing for the big day. When asked about giving advice to couples, her reply was quite simple.

Stephanie said, “Oh my gosh if you have some advice please send it my way. I think the best advice I could give is make sure it’s delicious. Honestly don’t worry about what everyone else is going to like make sure it’s something you like. Oh and please never save your top layer. No one should nor do they want to eat year old cake. Make sure your cake vendor provides a replica top tier for your one year anniversary. (Whisk’d Away does *wink wink*).”

Although many couples dream big, Stephanie has to walk a careful line. She said, “For the most part we’ve been able to bring all of our clients dreams to life. But we definitely advise them against certain features. Like a whipped cream wedding cake for an outdoor wedding on a hot July afternoon. As a cake decorator you have to know what is going to work best in the setting you are given.”

While many bakers are trying to push flavor combinations and unexpected pairings, Stephanie sometimes stays more traditional. At Whisk’d Away, she mentioned, “We haven’t really been asked to make anything too crazy. I’d say the most abnormal combination we’ve done this far would be chocolate cake with passion fruit filling. You wouldn’t think of that combination right away but it was delicious!!”

As everyone watches to see the final outcome of this Food Network season ends, Stephanie appreciates that the show holds many benefits. She said, “I definitely feel like Spring Baking Championship will push me into the future of my business. A dream that started as just a small mom and pop cake shop now has the potential to be so much more. The amount of people that are finding out who we are and what we can do is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds.”

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Spring Baking Championship airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Food Network.

Stephanie DeVoll is a partner in Whisk’d Away Patisserie located in Southern California.