Hardee’s Mealtime Matchmaker brings your perfect burger to the table

Hardee's Mealtime Matchmaker, photo provided by Hardee's
Hardee's Mealtime Matchmaker, photo provided by Hardee's /

Food boredom can be as real as Zoom fatigue. Luckily, Hardee’s Mealtime Matchmaker has solved the burger ordering dilemma. Even though everyone has a favorite Hardee’s burger, the truth is sometimes a change to the routine can be the most flavorful bite of food.

According to Hardee’s, three in four respondents want to change their food routine. With 80% of respondents wanting to find more interesting bites, the popular restaurant brand is here to help. With the Hardee’s Mealtime Matchmaker, guests can bring some new zest to that typical burger order.

Sometimes food satisfies more than just curbing a hunger. Just like an aroma can transport you to a favorite vacation or a particular dish can recall a special memory, the reality is that food cravings can be more than just making that grumble in your stomach go away.

With the Hardee’s Mealtime Matchmaker, a few simple questions can lead to an even more satisfying bite. Whether it is longing for that trip out west or needing some connection with friends and family, a Hardee’s burger can be the perfect pairing.

Although personal preferences do have a great influence, Hardee’s is encouraging guests to think outside of the wrapper. Granted, it is easy to just hit that re-order button, but everyone needs to break out of that loop.

For example, The Big Hardee can be the satisfying bite that keeps you fueled for an all-nighter. Whether it is keeping that gaming streak alive or studying for that big exam, this double charbroiled burger is for that hearty appetite. Whether or not you order a side of fries is up to you.

Although travel is on the horizon, many people long for a taste from another area. The Western Bacon Cheeseburger puts those classic barbecue flavors onto the bun. There is something about the sweet, smoky flavors that make you feel like you’re not sitting on your couch anymore.

And, if you are still enjoying that divot on your couch, no one is judging. The reality is that the Hardee’s Mealtime Matchmaker has an option for you. Sometimes a little push outside of the comfort zone is just what people need. More importantly, that food order switch-up could uncover a new food favorite.

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What is your favorite Hardee’s order? Do you always order the same item or are you ready to try a new food choice?