Kenny Smith answers the Corona Hotline for March Madness 2021

Kenny The Jet Smith for Corona, photo provided by Corona
Kenny The Jet Smith for Corona, photo provided by Corona /

Now that your bracket is ready, March Madness 2021 is about to tip off and Kenny Smith has taken his spot on the Corona Hotline. While Tony Romo is an expert on all things football, he has passed the phone to Smith for the big basketball tournament. Are you ready to enjoy La Vida Más Fina?

The Corona Hotline has brought many sports fans a sense of calm during those tense moments. Even though a phone call might not change the outcome, it can bring a little levity.

As excitement builds for the ultimate college basketball tournament, many people appreciate that these games do not always have the perfect outcome. From the busted bracket to that last minute victory, the emotional roller coaster during the games can often have people phoning a friend.

That situation is why calling 1-844-9-CORONA can be that needed break. While many people would love to win some prizes too, Smith’s calming voice and poignant commentary offer a taste of that good life that people are thirsting for now more than ever.

What does Kenny Smith think about March Madness 2021?

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to Kenny “The Jet” Smith about the upcoming basketball tournament and his return to the Corona Hotline. His biggest piece of advice for this year’s March Madness is to “sit back and relax.” Even though “everyone is on the edge of their seats” there is something to appreciating the “la vida mas fina.” And, if things get too stressful, Smith is just a phone call away.

As he candidly shared, this year’s goal might not be about the perfect bracket versus the busted bracket. The return of the tournament offers some “normality” when fans haven’t seen as much competition this year. Smith encourages fans to “sit back and enjoy watching the games.” Grab your Corona, sit back in the chair and enjoy the good life.

While Smith believes that there are probably “three or four teams that could win it all,”  the outcome is not always guaranteed. Since it is a win or go home scenario, that 48 minutes of play does not always go as expected.

As Smith said, “the best team doesn’t always win.” In a best 3 of 5 or 4 of 7 games scenario, the best team “pretty much wins.” Even the difference between 48 and 50 minutes of a game can change the outcome. Still, Smith encourages everyone to just sit back, enjoy the play, and share some happy moments during this year’s event.

For Smith, he will be doing some virtual cheers with some friends and famous faces on social media. With his “virtual cheers chain,” Smith hopes to bring lots of smiles and happiness to people. This year’s event is about having fun and that idea captures that concept.

And, if you need to phone a friend when your favorite team is defeated or you can’t believe that another favorite team sinks that last minute basket, Kenny Smith will be answering calls on the Corona Hotline for March Madness 2021.

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What’s your idea to enjoy la vida mas fina this year? Does it involve a Corona?