Refreshing Guinness facts that will make you raise another pint

(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Diageo Beer Company USA)
(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Diageo Beer Company USA) /

While often a St. Patrick’s Day staple, these Guinness facts will make you enjoy a pint beyond the traditional Irish holiday. With a goal to always provided an exceptional beer, the reality is the humble beginnings in 1759 weave those traditions into the beers that people enjoy today. Although Arthur Guinness planned ahead with his 9000-year lease, the reality is that there is always more beer to brew.

Recently, Guinness has encouraged beer fans to appreciate the wait for a great pour. Even though those few extra minutes can build anticipation for that first sip, it makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Once beer drinkers choose to look beyond the dark colored stout, they find that the bold beer is far from being heavy. Although people need to take that first sip to discover that enjoyment, it is a favor that they come back to time and again.

Here are some refreshing Guinness facts that you might not know.

While many people can earn a certificate for learning the perfect Guinness pour, there is one task that should never touch a Guinness glass. Keep the spatula in the kitchen because it should never be used to level the head. Although you should never let the beer overflow, cutting off the top is equally as wrong.

As more beer drinkers appreciate that traditional stout, there might need to be a more careful glance at the glass. While the color might seem brown, the beer’s color is a dark red. The roasted malted barley adds to the richness of the color and the iconic flavor.

Although St. Patrick’s Day is often a popular holiday to raise a pint of Guinnes, the beer previously had its own holiday. Arthur’s Day celebrated the founder. At 17:59, beer drinkers were encouraged to raise a pint in honor the founding year. Unfortunately, the holiday has gone away, but you can still celebrate it if you choose.

While there might not be a reward to drink too many beers in one sitting, there is a connection between the beer and the Guinness World Records. First published in 1955, the Guinness Book of World Records looked to solve that “superlatives” argument that can often leave to a lively debate.

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Even though these Guinness facts might be fun to impress your friends over a pint, the truth is that Guinness always looks for the silver lining. Even though it takes a moment to wait for that perfect pour and the glass might be filled with the unexpected, that pint can raise people up during difficult times.

Just like the sentiment behind the Irish proverb, sunshine always follows rain. Good times are ahead.