Get free beer from Coors Light for cleaning out the clutter

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Could free beer from Coors Light encourage you to clean that closet? Isn’t it time to ditch the junk drawer? What about that bread maker that is now collecting dust because you are over baking bread? Luckily, Spring Cleaning can have some refreshing benefits.

Over the past year, many people turned to shopping to fill a void. Instead of doom-scrolling social media, the lure of online shopping. According to one study, “43% of Americans have participated in “comfort buying.”

As the boxes arrive at the doorstep, a little smile would appear. From overcoming isolation to convenience to just filling a need, all those purchases were great at the time, but now they might be sitting unused. That’s where Coors Light comes to the rescue.

How can you convert clutter into free beer from Coors Light?

Beyond trying to spark joy, Coors Light understands that re-purposing those unused items can be good for everyone. For people located in Atlanta, Georgia and Paradise, Nevada, that unwanted stuff can be worth its weight in free beer, literally.

The Clutter For Coors campaign is simple. Isn’t it time to bring a little more chill by purging some unwanted stuff?

Marcelo Pascoa, Vice President of Marketing at Molson Coors, said “Spring is here, the March Hoops tournament is back. Whatever chill means to you, we want people to trade in unloved purchases for Coors Light. We’ll weigh your smoothie blender or bicycle and give you its weight equivalent in cases of beer.

According to Coors Light, on Saturday, March 20, from 1-5 p.m. local time, The Battery in Atlanta, GA or Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, NV, will be collecting people’s unwanted stuff. That stuff will be weighed and Coors Light will “trade weight equivalent of your pandemic purchases for rebates for up to two cases of Coors Light.” Coors will donate the items to local charities.

Even if you do not live in one of these cities, put your own twist on this concept. Why not give yourself a beer reward for cleaning out the closet, paring down those kitchen gadgets or giving that stationary bike to someone who will use it instead of it being a clothes rack. You might need more than a good job sticker to get off the couch, but a beer reward might be that motivation.

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What do you think of the free beer concept for the Clutter for Coors campaign? Do you think it is time to make a change?