Leslie Jones knows Uber Eats Double the Madness offer is a slam dunk

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb) /

Bracket completed, lucky jersey on and Uber Eats Double the Madness offer makes Leslie Jones excited for all the court action. After last year’s tournament being postponed, everyone is ready to turn on some games and turn up the action. Luckily, Uber Eats has some big discounts on food.

For this year’s event, the Uber Eats Double the Madness offer ensures that the only potential bust to the event is a huge first found upset. From local restaurants to national chains, there is savings to be had.

And, one of the biggest sports fans is getting everyone excited about this special event. Leslie Jones has joined forces with Uber Eats. Is the world ready for the “Lesliepalooza?”

Jones said,” March Madness is my favorite time of the year. After all, I played a little hoops myself. Since we missed out last year, I’m going full on Lesliepalooza this year with Uber Eats. It’ll be double the madness with BOGO deals every day of the tournament. You don’t want to miss out!”

Check out the special video from Leslie Jones and Uber Eats Double the Madness.

Jones’ feeling is the way that many people are approaching this year’s March Madness. Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, it is an excuse to enjoy the moment and a taste of normalcy. Whether you order some chicken wings, a lot of pizza or those tots like Jones, Uber Eats has the food smorgasbord that people crave.

As seen in the past year, these type of services ensure that favorite food will always be part of the routine. Whether it is people tired of cooking, craving that local restaurant or just wanting convenience, the delivery service isn’t going away anytime soon.

Although it might evolve in another way, the reality is that food and restaurants have adapted and will continue to adapt. From ghost kitchens to delivery only operations, enjoying that plate of sushi, slice of cheesecake or just another burger is just an app away.

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