Cosmic Wings serves an out of this world Cheetos menu

New Cosmic Wings, photo provided by Cosmic Wings
New Cosmic Wings, photo provided by Cosmic Wings /

Get ready to have Cheetle hands because Cosmic Wings is serving an irresistible Cheetos menu that is delivered directly to your door. While some home have sampled the recipes from the Cheetos cookbook, this new online only restaurant could become your new chicken wing craving. Are the flavors really out of this world?

Recently, online only restaurants have become a huge food trend. While the term ghost kitchen has taken the restaurant industry by storm, the reality is that niche food offerings have found their audience. With the demand for food delivery, these specialty food options have changed what consumers can enjoy from the comfort of their couch.

While many restaurants offer chicken wings, the new Cosmic Wings looks to set itself apart from competition with one unique feature, Cheetos. As Chef Stephen Bulgarelli, culinary lead of Cosmic Wings said, these “craveable combos are delivered right to your home.” With no prep required, why wouldn’t you satisfy that food craving?

Can Cosmic Wings and its Cheetos menu entice you to place an order?

Finding a way to stand out in the chicken wing space can be difficult. While some brands bring extreme heat and other look to name recognition to drive sales, the need to be unique is important, especially for a new brand. Making a consumer switch from that “usual” order takes more than just another restaurant deal.

The Cheetos partnership is the driver for Cosmic Wings. As Jessica Spaulding, marketing senior director, Frito-Lay North America said, “When you combine beloved Cheetos flavors with everyone’s favorite appetizers, you get the ultimate matchup.”

Whether it is the Cheetos fan that wants to enjoy their favorite snack in a different way or a chicken wing fan that is tired of those traditional wings, these wings will get people to order. More importantly, these chicken wings will get people to order again and again.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste test the Cosmic Wings menu. From traditional to boneless wings and regular Cheetos to Flamin Hot Cheetos options, one aspect to this food offering is clear. The flavor delivers.

To be clear, these wings are not just chicken wings with some Cheetle dust coating. That iconic flavor comes through in each and every bite. There is a very specific reason why. It comes down to the sauce.

Cosmic Wings has a proprietary Cheetos sauce that coats the wings before they are tossed in the Cheetos pieces. That sauce brings that authentic Cheetos flavor to the bite. In a way, it is almost like liquid Cheetos flavor.

Truthfully, the Flamin’ Hot chicken wings will have many people taking notice. While Flamin Hot Cheetos has its legions of fans, these chicken wings will even have the flamin’ newbies appreciating the bold flavor. Although the bold flavor comes through in every bite, it is that enjoyable burn that leaves you wanting more. Even if you dip the wings in the Cosmic Wings signature ranch, the flavor could have you floating on cloud nine.

Cosmic Wings is more than just wings and this side dish should not be overlooked.

In addition to classic sides like waffle fries and onion rings, Cosmic Wings made a bold choice by including Cheetos Fried Cheese Curds on the menu. (The menu calls them cheese bites, but they are cheese curds).

While many people enjoy their squeaky cheese as a snack, these fried cheese curds with the Cheetos topping are a game changer. Although some people might dip them in one of the signature sauces, the truth is that it can be hard to stop eating the whole container. In my house, the Flamin Hot cheese bites were devoured before the wings hit the table. Personally, I would recommend a double order.

Cosmic Wings is an online only restaurant that is delivered exclusively through Uber Eats. The food is made in Applebee’s kitchens, which gives the brand a huge delivery area.

To celebrate the brand launch, Cosmic Wings “will offer a $0 delivery fee on all orders $15 or more from February 17–28.” More information can be found on the brand’s website or via Uber Eats.

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Are you ready for some out of this world wings from Cosmic Wings? Is it the Cheetos connection that will drive your order?