Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces bring big, bold flavors

New BWW menu items, Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
New BWW menu items, Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces are the boldest flavors yet.

America’s Sports Bar has done it again. Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces have excited fans of the popular restaurants to place a bigger order. While you might need a draft beer to temper the heat from one of the sauces, these BWW four new flavors might make you re-think your favorite sauce choice.

As part of the Buffalo Wild Wings new menu, these new BWW sauces cover a variety of flavor genres. The new flavors are: Orange Chicken sauce, Lemon Pepper sauce, Carolina Reaper Blazin sauce and Pizza Wings. The creativity of flavors is a huge step forward for BWW. The new menu additions show that chicken wings can be more than just Buffalo.

Looking at the four new sauces, the Carolina Reaper Blazin’ sauce is definitely the most bold. While BWW did have a limited time extreme flavor with its BMF sauce, this sauce might be even spicier.

Since Carolina Reaper is the world’s hottest pepper, the “heat” will be the predominate flavor. Although there are flavors like onion, red bell pepper and more, this sauce might require an extra side of ranch.

The Orange Chicken sauce is an interesting choice. While Asian Zing is always a popular choice for many guests, this version should be a little tame, more like the classic flavor. The sweet, citrus flavor is the most dominate yet there is a hint of cayenne and a touch of soy for umami.

To add a little fun to the new Orange Chicken sauce, each order comes with a special Buffalo Wild Wings fortune cookie. While that fortune might not ensure your favorite football team’s win, it will be interesting to see the fortunes inside that cookie.

Probably the most approachable, universally liked flavor will be the Lemon Pepper sauce. With many people loving the Lemon Pepper dry seasoning from BWW, this sauce combines those flavors in a new way. The richness from the butter and the brightness from the lemon makes this sauce an instant hit.

Lastly, the most talked about sauce will be the Pizza Wings. For many people, football is about wings and pizza. Instead of choosing one over the other, this new sauce combines those flavors into one bite.

The Pizza Wings offer a Garlic Parmesan sauce that has been “dusted with tomato powder and basil.” Although it is unclear what is “tomato powder,”  it is clear that the flavors will be similar to your favorite slice of pizza. This new sauce is definitely worth a try.

This flavor represents a food trend of bringing pizza flavors into other foods. From Frito-Lay’s pizza inspired chips to Universal Orlando’s Pizza Fries, pizza flavors are not just limited to a slice.

America’s Sports Bar has done it again. Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces
New BWW menu items, Cauliflower Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Additionally, Buffalo Wild Wings is adding Cauliflower Wings to the menu. While this item might not bring back the saucy nugs debate, it will have many fans wanting a taste. Sometimes you want some extra vegetables on the plate.

The Cauliflower Wings are paired with Asian Zing sauce. But, guests can use any of the 26 sauces as a swap. The new Pizza Sauce could make the kids eat more cauliflower.

Lastly, Buffalo Wild Wings did revamp some of its salad offerings for the fall. Since mom always said that you had to eat your vegetables, these salads make it easy.

To celebrate the Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces, menu items and the start of football season, guests can get free delivery. Online orders or orders via the Buffalo Wild Wings app qualify for free delivery. This offer is available September 10 through September 30.

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Are you excited to try the Buffalo Wild Wings new sauces? What is your favorite BWW sauce?