Are boneless wings really just saucy nuggets?

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Where do you stand on the boneless wings versus saucy nuggets debate?

One tweet has had asked a question that sparked a debate. Are boneless wings just saucy nuggets? While people debate all types of food questions, this one question has been left off the table. Now, everyone is voicing their opinion, even Main Event is willing to listen to the people.

If you haven’t heard, Ander Christensen made a bold case during a Lincoln, Nebraska City Council meeting. The young man spoke passionately about this belief that boneless chicken wings are not wings. What started as one man’s plea has turned into a huge food debate.

Main Event has joined the conversation. They even offered in a tweet to rename their boneless wing to saucy nugs if they get 100K retweets. More importantly, they would donate “10% of all October sales to a Nebraska food bank.” The charity aspect of that offer definitely deserves a retweet.

Thinking about this boneless wings versus saucy nuggets debate, it is curious that no one has brought it up before. While there might be a slight difference in appearance between the traditional chicken nugget on a fast food menu and a boneless wing on a restaurant menu, the concept is rather similar.

But, the name “boneless wings” has a bigger appeal to an older audience. An adult watching football would much rather order a plate of boneless wings that a plate of chicken nuggets. He’s not getting a toy with his kids meal.

At the same time, both food options are a smaller piece of chicken covered in a breading. One might have sauce on it and the other one might have sauce with it. Both are usually eaten with your hands.

When it comes down to it, the name might just matter. If you have ever done a blind taste test with a person, you can understand that names can and do influence a person’s perception. One minute a person might be happily eating some sweetbreads but then you explain what they are and they will never eat offal again. Perception and names can matter.

Personally, if you want good flavor, eat a traditional chicken wing. Just like the chicken breast versus chicken thigh debate. The bone does provide flavor.

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Where do you stand on the boneless wings versus saucy nuggets debate?