Lay’s Flavor Icons bring a taste of restaurant favorite dishes to snacking

Lay's Flavor Icons, Chili Relleno, photo provided by Frito-Lay
Lay's Flavor Icons, Chili Relleno, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

Time to get snacking. Lay’s Flavor Icons offer a taste of restaurant favorite dishes.

After the successful Tastes of America chips, Lay’s Flavor Icons bring favorite restaurant dishes to the snack aisle. Starting on the week of July 13, these five limited time potato chip flavors will be hitting store shelves. As people crave their favorite restaurant dishes, these Lay’s potato chips can satisfy that flavor craving. Ready to pop open a bag?

According to Lay’s, the Lay’s Flavor Icons flavors are:

  • Lay’s Kettle Cooked New York Style Pizza inspired by Grimaldi’s in New York City
  • Lay’s Nashville Hot Chicken inspired by Party Fowl in Nashville
  • Lay’s Philly Cheesesteak inspired by Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia
  • Lay’s Wavy Carnitas Street Taco inspired by El Torito in Los Angeles
  • Lay’s Chile Relleno inspired by Cocina Azul in Albuquerque (available exclusively at Walmart and 7-Eleven)

For many foodies, the flavor inspiration restaurants are iconic. Who hasn’t had a Philly Cheesesteak from Geno’s? (Well, there are some people who prefer another option). Just reading the restaurant names can bring back a flavor memory.

As these special Lay’s potato chips launch, many people have those restaurant cravings going unsatisfied. While PepsiCo has been supporting the restaurant industry, foodies want a taste of those favorite dishes. In a way, these potato chips can bring a piece of that restaurant favorite food to people’s homes.

Lay's Flavor Iconc
Lay’s Flavor Icons, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

Thinking about these five flavors, the New York Style Pizza flavor should be the strongest flavor. A kettle chip absorbs the flavor well. This flavor should offer that perfect blend of tomato and cheese. While it is meant for snacking, consider adding this chip to a grilled cheese sandwich for a huge flavor experience.

Probably the most interesting flavor is the Lay’s Chile Relleno. To combine the flavors of a roasted pepper stuffed with cheese, fried and topped with salsa into a single bite is no easy task. This potato chip needs to have spice yet that richness of cheese. It could be the chip you will want to buy all the bags.

Also, it is interesting that this flavor will be available exclusively at Walmart and 7-Eleven. Out of all the flavors, this one could be the most coveted. Not only because of the limited availability but also for the flavor.

Overall, everyone will want to try each one of the Lay’s Flavor Icons. Whether you go from store to store to collect all the flavors or place an order online, it could be a fun afternoon taking a flavor tasting trip.

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What do you think of the Lay’s Flavor Icons? Which flavor are you excited to try?