Share your saltiness with Reese’s during March Madness

Reese's March Madness promo, photo provided by Reese's
Reese's March Madness promo, photo provided by Reese's /

Even if you don’t know a foul shot from a three-pointer, Reese’s Big Cups are here for you. While March Madness might have consumed all the conversations this year, the reality is that some people are feeling a little salty. Maybe their alma mater did make the big dance. Maybe your big bracket pick went bust. Maybe you spilled chicken wings down your shirt. How are you #SaltyReeses?

While Reese’s is never sorry for being a little salty on social media, the reality is that this year everyone is encouraged to voice their thoughts. Even if you just want to say that you prefer football to basketball, Reese’s is here for you.

Margo McIlvaine, Reese’s Brand Manager, said, “In a year that has given us way too many reasons to be salty, the Reese’s brand is giving fans a voice to share their saltiness. And what better time than one of the saltiest seasons of the year, March Madness. From bracket fails to epic upsets, we will be right there with fans reveling in the saltiness and giving fans something sweet (and salty) to numb the pain – our new Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels.”

Don’t be sorry for your Reese’s Big Cups saltiness, embrace it.

While many people are chatting on Twitter, the reality is that the Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels deserve to be part of the candy conversation. Even though sports can cause some heated debates, the reality is that people are just as passionate about food. Have you had the debate around the table?

If you haven’t tried the Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels it is time to join the conversation. In addition to being a big bite, the pretzel pieces add both flavor and texture to the classic candy. Unlike those Reese’s miniatures, this candy is not a single bite treat. It is meant to be enjoyed over several bites.

While some people like the added crunch to the candy, the reality is that some people prefer the extra touch of saltiness. Not only does it make the chocolate a little sweeter, that saltiness makes you want to take another bite.

To take the salty conversation in a different, Reese’s will be giving away free Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels on Twitter. Starting on March 18, 1,200 fans will win a pack of the “big, salty candy.” Make sure to search @Reeses and #SaltyReeses for all the action.

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What is making you salty during this year’s March Madness? Is it because you haven’t had your Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels?