Black Forest commits to the environment that inspired their name

New Black Forest purpose driven programs, photo provided by Black Forest
New Black Forest purpose driven programs, photo provided by Black Forest /

While Black Forest might be your child’s favorite fruit snack or the brand’s gummy bear with a tree stamped on its belly always brings a smile, that Ferrera brand understands that today’s consumer wants more from its favorite brands. Beyond providing a delicious food, brands need to show their commitment to causes that resonate with their passions. With Black Forest’s commitment to become a sustainable brand, everyone is taking notice.

There are many reasons why a consumer picks one brand over another. While flavor is often a decision driver, a company’s commitment to cultural issues has become equally as important. When a brand aligns with a consumer’s personal beliefs, it can create consumer loyalty behind that purchase.

Given that Black Forest was inspired by real forests, the brand is leading an initiative that “puts purpose” as the driving force in everything that it does. From the packaging to creating a better environment, that tasty candy and fruit snacks will do more than just curbing a craving.

How is Black Forest committing to real action?

For Black Forest, the change hearkens back to its roots. As Kate Adams, Senior Brand Marketing Director of Black Forest at Ferrara, said, “At Black Forest, we believe that real good requires real action. It’s why we were founded in the first place – to capture the transformative power of nature and make snacks that are delicious, with carefully selected real ingredients.”

Even though a child might just ask a parent for the gummy bear with the tree on its belly, parents appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the brand. In many ways, that brand loyalty enhances the brand’s commitment to do more.

As Adams said, “We looked to our consumers as we developed a set of goals that will deliver impact in all aspects of our business including real ingredients, real fruit juice, and partnerships that have a real impact on the conservation of forests.”

This 10-year commitment looks to make changes across the Black Forest brand as a whole. From the focus on real ingredients to sustainable packaging to reducing its production’s environmental impact, all aspects are intertwined within this initiative.

Looking specifically at the brand’s commitment to real ingredients, by 2022 all colors and flavors will come from “real sources.” Examples include “turmeric, black carrot juice, black currant juice, carrot juice, purple sweet potato juice, cherry juice, and radish juice.” While children will not have to worry about their favorite gummy bear tasting like radishes, the reality is that real food is always a better choice that an artificial one.

Since consumers can appreciate how real foods can impact how they feel, a similar notion can be made to the environment. As the sustainable conversation has led to many consumer changes, companies are learning to adapt. With Black Forest’s sustainable packaging, it looks to be a leader in that conversation.

For Black Forest, one of their priorities has been the trees, which inspired its name. Continuing the tree-planting effort, the brand has committed to “plant 1.5 million trees across U.S. forests that have been impacted by wildfire by the end of 2022” as well as has set the “long-range goal to plant 10 million trees by 2030.”

Grocery store shelves are often overflowing with food options. When that food craving hits, consumers need to consider the brand behind that favorite treat. Making a purchase with a purpose will make everyone feel satisfied about a “better for you” decision.

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What drives your consumer purchases? Will this Black Forest program impact your food decisions?